Charlotte 49ers Accepting Nominations for Inaugural Class of Program’s Athletics Hall of Fame

Looks like we’re starting a Hall of Fame!

Charlotte, N.C. – The Charlotte 49ers will celebrate their 50th Anniversary of NCAA Div. I athletics during the 2020-21 season. Highlighting the year-long anniversary, Charlotte will announce the inaugural class of the 49ers Athletics Hall of Fame.

Charlotte is now accepting nominations for the first class, which will include a maximum of six student-athletes, two coaches/administrators and one key contributor. Future classes will include a maximum of five inductees.

Nominations are open to the public and will be voted upon by the 49ers Hall of Fame Selection Committee. Nominations for the inaugural class are due by April 22, 2020. Further details about the first class, the induction ceremony and the 50th Anniversary celebration will be released at a later date.

Membership in the Charlotte 49ers Athletic Hall of Fame shall be limited to those individuals who have brought great distinction to the university, enhanced its reputation, made outstanding contributions in one of the following areas and meet the following criteria:
1.) An exemplary student-athlete with high athletic achievement

  • A period of no less than five full years must have elapsed since the completion of the student-athlete’s final campaign.
  • Candidate must have earned a varsity letter and left the university in good academic standing.

2) A coach with a distinguished record

  • Candidate must have ended his/her professional relationship with the university in good standing.

An administrator who has made a long-term, exemplary contribution through strong leadership

  • Candidate must have ended his/her professional relationship with the university in good standing.

3) An individual whose contributions have brought distinction to the university’s athletic program.

For the inaugural class of 2020-21, an eligible student-athlete’s final competition must have occurred in or before the 2014-15 season. Active Charlotte 49ers’ coaches and administrators are not eligible.

Nominations are due by April 22, 2020. To nominate someone, please visit :


I’d waive the five year thing and put Larry in.

He’s done more for the school than any athlete we’ve had in the last 20 plus years.

That is great. Here are my thoughts for the inaugaral class.

Student Athletes: Cornbread Maxwell, we have had some top flight soccer players that probably need to be here, maybe someone that played MLB?

Coaches/Admins: Lee Rose, Jeff Mullin

Key Contributor: Ike Belk, Mac Everett

eddie basden.

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I guess Cesar Sayoc is not eligible?

Does our Hall of Fame = Retired/Honored Jerseys? If so, this will be easy, but what is the point?

Love this!

I’ve got Judy Rose locked in for my first pick. Please respect my decision.

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Henry Williams!!!


Maybe not first class, but Corey Nagy has definitely been one of the best golfers to come out of Charlotte That went pro and really put the program on the map during his career here.

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I nominate Stone Cold Ken


clt asks if Malik el Tamir is eligible?

Paula Bennett for sure!

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All of you need to nominate the OG chat page legend.


Nominated Lutz. Should be a no-brainer.


Gonna be funny having Judy and Lutz side-by-side.

Beat me to it![quote=“ImfromClayton, post:14, topic:34559, full:true”]

All of you need to nominate the OG chat page legend.


Have we had a better baseball player than John Maine?

As far as basketball, I think Eddie, Henry, Maxwell, Jobey would be logical choices, maybe not all first class but eventually.

Also, Lutz statue MUST have stache.

And Leemire Goldwire gets in just for having the best name ever.

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Judy should not be eligible in the first class since it is supposed to be 5 yrs.

Jarvis, Byron, Melvin, Lew, DeMarco, Chad Kinch

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