Charlotte 49ers Athletic Facilities Master Plan discussion


Athletics Facilities Master Plan RFP

Campus Construction Update

This looks like:

  • Raise $40+ million for athletics - CHECK

  • Get outside Subject Matter Experts to indicate facilities need to be updated and expanded - CHECK (Master Plan)

  • Build/improve facilities to a level on par with conferences above C-USA - NEXT


I hear they are going to build a new football/soccer complex and divide the fields with a curtain!


Athletics Master Plan sign in sheet indicating the firms that are interested (22 firms) and questions about RFP

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clt says the AEC world is fun!




Hopefully part of it is a niners walk of fame or something. Just wishful thinking


I definitely think we need a way to honor our past student-athletes.


We need a hall of fame and a stand alone/highly visible team store!


We can’t have a store until our deal with B&N stops. We can notify them of our intent is to do so in March 2019 if I’m not mistaken.

I’d be shocked if Athletics doesn’t partner with, once we are free to do so.


I understand. Timing is perfect.


You are not mistaken.


Brick and Mortar stores are going by the way side. Keep the space at the football stadium and sell the most popular gear at other Niner events from a tent, such as other sporting events, move-in day, Rush, maybe a tailgate lot, etc… Only have baseball apparel and other items at baseball games, and the same with basketball and soccer. Having an online presence that has a large variety of gear is more important than having a store on campus. 99% of people will order online versus driving to campus unless they are there for another reason.


Team store could be off campus. Like at Concord mills even. Wake forest has one. Only people who are already fans will buy online. We need to make others take notice.


That is where Walmart, Target, Family Dollar, etc. come in.


The target at midtown usually has a decent selection of 49er gear.


Jenkins-Peer/HOK selected.


Their portfolios:


Time to get those resources generated.

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