Charlotte 49ers Baseball vs. St. Bonaventure

Friday March 26th!

Wear Green and come out to Robert and Miriam Hayes Stadium as the Charlotte 49ers host the St. Bonaventure Bonnies in an A-10 Conference Opener.

FREE Nike Jersey Replica t-shirts to first 500 fans!

Doors open @ 5:00 pm Game @ 6:00 pm

Tickets are $5 for Adults/Children
Free for UNCC Students

For more information visit
As always Go Niners!

Says its supposed to rain Friday, hope it changes.

Me too! Seems to rain out all the good games this year.

What exactly is a replica t-shirt?

Jersey replica

btw, game is this Friday

Check this out. The link shows the pic of the shirt. Its a shirt that looks like the Jerseys

Quick question. I saw that the April 17th game versus Dayton was Dog Day at the Park. Anyone have any info? I know about other bark in the park events for other teams, and they require a registration process etc. any info for our Dog Day event is appreciated.

I have a job interview in RTP that afternoon, I hope i can make it back for the t-shirt.

I have Fri evening off… may have to come out to this game. The shirt looks pretty sweet.

Anybody want to tailgate for the game on Saturday?

I’m down for that if the weather is right.

I would love to. I have to help a friend move in the morning, but should be done between 11 and 12.

What I am seeing is ~60 degrees and partly sunny.

I plan to be there whether we give away shirts or not. Getting a freebie is better than not getting one, however.

50% chance of rain… bring the tent!

Looks like perfect tailgating weather to me!!!

Who else is in??

I’m in! Our Sports Marketing Assoc is passing out the tshirts.

When will tailgating begin?? What to do you want us to bring?

[quote=“49erAlumnus, post:10, topic:22850”]Anybody want to tailgate for the game on Saturday?[/quote]Yes… and I’m there Friday too.

Go Niners!

Saw the girls last night. Two tough losses to the Tar Holes. 2nd game was close until the end. Stayed freezing to death hoping for a miracle!
I can’t believe the Carolina pitcher went 13 innings (the whole 7 from 1st game & 6 of the 2nd!) Damn she is tough, even if she is a Tar Hole. And she only gave up 2 runs in 13 innings vs. relief pitcher gave up 3 in 1 inning.

So how many do we have for tailgating tomorrow? I will try to get out there around 12 with a box of Bojangles and some cold beverages. I don’t want to be drinking by myself now.