Charlotte Bobcats first round pick...

… Adam Morrison…

I really like the pick. This year will be very interesting.

[QUOTE=ShaGGy;179433]… Adam Morrison…[/QUOTE]
This is an awesome pick for the Bobcats. Morrison has so much heart and desire to win. He is a great kid and i hope charlotte will support him.

he could be the most intese player in the nba next year…and with these ea sports commecials and things, it could mean a more marketable team for the bobcats…wayyyyy better then the felton/may of last year

I’m starting to grow my mustache as of today.

Obviously you’ve never been to a Bobcats game. Felton and May get cheered when they wipe their asses.

But Morrison is going to be a good solid player and a scorer they need.

I think he will be too “out there” for Charlotte, the town. Heavy metal type of guy, politically liberal, etc. May not get embraced like everyone thinks, off the court.

no withers in second round …think his phone is ringing already for summer camp opportunities? second round pick for the bobcats i think is a good one…hollins is solid

so…i just hope adam morrison knows when to shut up and doesn’t talk shit to a veteran like he did every other guy he guarded this year.

I love the Morrison Pick!!! I so did not want Rudy Gay in Charlotte…

This is an awesome pick for the Bobcats. Morrison has so much heart and desire to win. He is a great kid and i hope charlotte will support him.

Yea, maybe I’ll actually go to a game now.

For all the crap talked about the Bobcats, they have solid role players. What they lack is one, over-the-top star to really put them into the playoffs. Okafor is a good player, but is no Jermaine O’Neal and never will be. But playing alongside Jermaine O’Neal he’d be solid.

I hope that Jordan and Bickerstaff try to parlay Brevin Knight and some other assets (future picks or other players) into a big-name player. If Bird would take Brezec (former Pacer Bird didn’t want to give up), Knight (Tinsley on the downslide) and a future first round pick or two for Jermaine O’Neal, I think that would be a solid move.

Felton, Wallace, Morrison, Okafor, O’Neal, with May, Carroll, Jumaine Jones, Robinson, Voskuhl, B-Rob, Burleson, Baxter and possibly Ely off the pine.

South Carolina native Ray Allen would also look good popping 3’s from the outside in Charlotte. Morrison would revitalize the Sonics organization …

Get MJ on the phone.

I hope he doesn’t cry when they are losing late…

I agree with Brick BUT Bird is not letting Oneal go, I felt he made that clear last night.

And being a Sonics fan, Morrison would do well in Seattle but he 1) does not solve there defensive woes. 2) Sonics are out of Seattle in 2010. So the home town boy image does not work. BUT RAY ALLLEN is a true baller, my favorite player in the league so I would love to watch him play in Charlotte but its not happening!

Off subject a bit… I thought I read the Sonics leaving Seattle was possible but there were strong chances they were staying in the puget sound area… for instance near the Seahawks new base camp in Renton.

He listens to metal, so I’ll take it.

Good choice in my opinion…

[QUOTE=hootie;179456]I hope he doesn’t cry when they are losing late…[/QUOTE]

He is smart as hell to market that incident…I also love how he said he also cried when Rage Against The Machine broke up…

Me too Adam…Me too.

Chris Sheridan (NBA blowhard from ESPN) said last night in the ESPN chat that Morrison “would be miserable in Charlotte and will say something politically incorrect by Nov. 15th that will get him into hot water” or something along those lines.
I don’t know WTF that was supposed to mean.

Another statement that I didn’t agree with was when one of the broadcasters said that Morrison’s market value would suffer in Charlotte, otherwise he’d be the best rookie to advertise. Charlotte isn’t the smallest market in the NBA. A friend also said last night that the Bobcats should move to another city in NC, then I let him have it.