Charlotte @ Duke 10/31 7PM RSN

Any chance a local TV station will pick up the Charlotte 49er Duke game

It is on Fox Sportsouth

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No. Don’t think so. Only FSS.

This is the most winnable P5 game we’ve ever had, let’s go get it.

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At 1-5, Duke is not a good team, but beating them will be a big deal.


Thanks. I checked and it’s on channel 34 spectrum TV in Hickory

Fox Sports South is not available on a single streaming service.

There are likely going to be quite a few people who cannot watch the game.

Hulu Live TV just dropped Fox Regional Sports networks :frowning_face: just before our Duke game. Sinclair needs to offer a way to stream those games. No more Hornets basketball, Hurricanes hockey, Braves baseball or other college sports either.

Sunuva, that’s who my brother uses and was gonna visit him for the weekend and watch it.

My Amazon Fire Stick shows the game on ESPN+. It costs $5.95 per month and is well worth it. You get access to a ton of games.

It will be blacked out on ESPN+ in the region of FSS

I have FSS, so that is what I will be using, but to get around a regional blackout you could try using the Opera browser with free VPN. Set it to show that you are in Europe.

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Fox has the Fox Sports Go app but you need to have a subscription to the channel through your television provider. I don’t understand why they don’t allow you to pay a monthly fee to stream their channels. Same goes for ESPN. When you pay for ESPN+ you only get the ESPN+ programming but no ESPN, ESPNU or any of their other programming. Seems like they could make more money by selling streaming packages that don’t require a television provider.

This game has that iconic feel to it. For Charlotte to move to that next level and be looked at through a prism that we all desire, they have to win a game like this. This will be our first P5 school that we actually have a chance to beat. To be “that” team, you must handily beat the teams that you are supposed to beat and occasionally win games that you were not supposed to win (especially against the P5 caliber schools). There are no teams, in my opinion, in CUSA that rise to the level of P5 teams. There are some good teams, from a CUSA prospective, but that really isn’t saying much. Although Duke may be a figment of their former selves, ESPN still have us as major underdogs (and rightfully so). Beating a P5 steam, even Duke during their down year, is still huge for our program. I really hope we can play 4 solid quarters. If so, I really think that we have enough firepower on both sides of the ball to compete and win. Head to head stats have us fairly even, so it may come down to a lawn dart by Cruz from 50+ to win. The way this season has gone so far, why not.

I NEVER trust the refs when we play an acc team in a close game in any sport. Seen too many “freaky” things not go our way unless we straight up win going away.


FSS is on YouTube TV for anyone who may have that service.

I look for us to have to score a bunch as I am not sure our D line is ready for a P5 line. They did impress me in the second half yesterday by shutting down UTEP before garbage time.

Can’t wait for this one. I see a win

You sure? Have youtube tv and we lost FSS again early this month.

Duke opens -11

Crap FSS is gone now from YouTubeTV. Now I am bummed

That’s what I was saying earlier.

Basically what happened is that Sinclair Broadcasting, which has a dubious highly political reputation (let’s please leave it at that) acquired all of the regional networks from Fox Sports. Soon after they got into a dispute with the various streaming services, which all dropped them within the last month or two.

The game is on ESPN3 (not plus, 3 - means you have to login to it with your TV provider credentials), but apparently will be blacked out locally where FSS is available. It may be possible to beat this with a VPN (I guess?), but even I don’t know how to run a Roku through a VPN.

The short version is that there isn’t going to be a way for a lot of our fans to watch this game unless someone gets creative soon, or maybe we get a local affiliate to pickup the game (not sure that’s even possible from a contractual standpoint).

Really frustrating. As fans,we need to work together to find some solutions here, IMHO.