Charlotte @ FAU 1/22 7PM; 1/23 4PM - both ESPN+

A good example of โ€œmore is lessโ€
An actual tiger would be pissed to see those blue stripes in the lane

FAU coach Dusty May out this weekend due to a positive test within his family:


Mayโ€™s statement is a reminder that former Niner Kyle Church is on his staff:

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Our offense is so bad. Sanchez is sadly inept at coaching. We win games despite ourselves and lose games because of this. Fire Sanchez. Tired of this BS.

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This loss is 100% a result of not substituting in the 2nd half. Sanchez ran 4 guys 20 minutes in the 2nd half and 2.5 minutes in OT. That was a dumb move.


Anybody still want to argue that this team isnโ€™t weak minded or that they donโ€™t give up too many layups at crunch time? Pathetic. That was another Belmont Abbey level choke job down the stretch. During the 16-0 run we gave up multiple drives to the basket and yet somehow managed to give up 4 mostly wide open threes as well. 32 minutes of solid defense and mediocre to poor offense and still had a 9 point lead. How do you give up a 16-0 run in 4 minutes after only giving up 30 poinrs the first 31-32 minutes prior?

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This is P A T H E T I C !

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Terrible loss. We looked terrible but this loss is totally on the lack of coaching.

The guts are tired because, shockingly, play 25 straight minutes is tiring. The backups played good in the first half. Why play Garcia none in the second half? Risetto is awful and supica has terrible hands. Their fumbles in the post lead to faus run.


The thing is, we have talent but Sanchez keeps most of it on the bench.

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Where was Threadgill?

My question too. ???

Well unless he changed his mind 30 secs after this was taken, we know he made the trip. He does seem to be contemplating whether he wants to go :grimacing:

He was in uniform on the bench.

Terrible meltdown and we play again tomorrow afternoon. Seems like the logical thing would have been to play at 4 today and 7 tomorrow. Threadgill and Garcia should be well rested, though. :roll_eyes:

Threadgill might have helped in the second half. Sanchez obviously didnโ€™t trust Byrd or Garcia in crunch time.

I just want him to explain his rotations