Charlotte @ FAU 10/3 4PM ESPNU

The Niners are coming off a two week COVID cancellation hiatus and FAU has yet to play a game in 2020. This will be the first FAU game in the Willie Taggart era. The Niners have played well in Boca Raton in the past. FAU is currently a 9.5 point favorite. Hope this game happens. Not sure what to expect given the circumstances.

I’ll believe it when they kick off.


Fans will be in attendance.

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From can’t play because of false positives and contact tracing quarantines, to fans in the stands!!! lol talk about extremes…



Just don’t do any testing and everything will be fine


They have 5 players in quarantine and zero positive tests :thinking:


Healy said we would have been short 20+ from our 2 deep had we played Saturday…I assume we won’t be getting all 20+ back. Wonder how many we will be down??

We should get most of ours back since they would have missed past two weeks so we are on week 3

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So we are pretty close to full strength and a 7 point underdog. I like those odds.

I remember Kiffin crying because we knocked them out of a bowl a couple of years ago. Time for a repeat! I feel a win coming on to welcome Taggart to CUSS!

Go Niners!


The talent gap between FAU and Charlotte was extremely noticeable in the last matchup. Has that gap shrank since last year? With the Lane Train now gone will FAU play the same under Willie Taggart?

They are missing, IMO, the best Qb in conference, but they have running backs that are so good they shouldn’t have to throw much.
We are going to have to score with them and play disciplined. I have no problem thinking Taggart is a good coach.

I have no problem with us being a seven point dog.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the 20 plus guys that would have missed last week. If only 10 of those were due to contact tracing what were the other 10 plus? I know Reynolds and Watts were potentially out for injuries but that would still leave a minimum of 8. Other injuries?

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Seems like alot of guys missing but apparently VA Tech was missing 23 players and 4 coaches during their game against NC State last weekend. I guess a team has to do what they have to do in this crazy season.