Charlotte had 3rd highest total revenues in CUSA for 2017-18

Source: NCAA Finances: Revenue & Expenses by School - USA TODAY

Screenshot of CUSA #'s

Charlotte compared to AAC. With TV revenue increase and assumed increase in ticket sales, the gap from ECU and USF would close almost immediately.

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How would it close up immediately? Theyre currently making about 1.6 million more in tv dollars than we are. We are 8 million behind. Their numbers will be going up several million in 2020 when the new tv contract starts.

Someone help me understand “allocated” in this instance?

Student fees and institutional support.

Newly negotiated deal info: (link)

The deal reportedly gives each school an average of about $7 million a year

TV deal would add about $6m more annual, before we realize any gains from ticket sales or increased donations.

Where is the percentage from student fee’s? We’ve got a lot of crap on here for the 1 time getting 13 million from the school when I know there are tons of schools with higher student fee’s make things run. It’s basically the same thing.

Right, which isnt reflected in aac revenues for last year. If we joined aac and got that 7 million, those schools would also be receiving it and woukd still be 8 million ahead of us.

I hate that you just made sense.

You are at 44%. Second lowest in aac.

ECU’s fee for 2019-2020 is $773.00. Charlotte is at $824.

The most important thing is that we made the largest “PROFIT”, that’s right profit, from athletics at $1,759,383. The only other school that ran in the green in CUSA was FAU with $125,493. I think that the positive figure needs to be applauded, and if we can do that and stay inline with the tuition and fees costs of other system schools in the state that is great news.

Relevant to this, Hill has said they don’t intend to lower student fees in terms of absolute dollars, but they want to decrease their relative contribution to the budget as a whole; i.e. increase outside dollars.

Ecu has student fees that are high (my daughter is a sophomore)…and takes money from the Med school. That entirely different.

Exactly. Raise more money, sell more tickets/gear

clt says ezu needs money like we need air to breathe

So we get 44% of our budget from student fees and you get 70% of yours. That’s a substantial difference. You guys have crapped on us for over a year for a 13 million dollar loan, but really what’s the difference. Where do you think the school gets a lot of their money from. Students. It’s not much difference than jacking up the student fee’s and there there are schools all over the nation milking their students for more than we are.


Your students get to keep $51 more dollars than ours do. That’s one to one and a half whole tanks of gas towards road trips to your nearest conference rivals!

That’s not insignificant when you are talking about like what 7 to 9+ percent more burden on every student. 50 dollars is a lot to most strapped out college students and their families. Is that even per semester and we are talking about double that.

When you factor in the enrollment you are getting what 6 million more a year you get from your students and you are worried about a one time 13 million dollar loan from our school to put it in perspective.

Students can vote with their feet if they don’t like the fees by attending one of the other fine schools in the UNC System with lower fees, or even going to another University somewhere else altogether. Since we just passed ECU to become #3 in state in enrollment I guess that $51 dollars isn’t so bad for them?

Still costs less to attend Charlotte. That’s what ultimately matters to students.