Charlotte Knights up for sale

Lol, Tepper will buy them.


Then tell us how he brought triple A baseball to Charlotte and demand an immediate upgrade to the downtown stadium.

clt is hearing a green RR was spotted uptown today

They’re tired of being located in a shooting gallery near Romare Bearden Park.

Per this from Axios Charlotte, could cost a buyer as much as $100 Million.

Just watched the Knights warming up on the sports news and they have adopted the CLT for their caps and shirts. At least on the warm up unis.

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These are new I believe:

These have been worn on Sunday games for the last few seasons:

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clt says mike hill should sue them!

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Shooting gallery?

The park over the last year or so has seen numerous gun related violence. As someone who frequents the area it’s gone from feeling very secure to sketchy. CMPD really needs to just camp out there. Between the bars, baseball, hotels, soccer, and apartments need to stomp it out

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That stinks.

Agreed all crime like that needs to be stomped out by any means necessary.

Why can’t we have anything nice. Geez.

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Yeah dude. The shootings during new years kind of did it in for me. It’s easy to hear the difference between a gun and fireworks, but if it’s all happening at once, then it’s fucked.

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clt says biff should buy the knights and have them go with no sleeves

It seems like most of the stories involve teens as well. It’s past time to address teen crime/violence. Can’t just keep turning a blind eye to it and saying ‘well they’re kids and we can’t lock up kids’. Need to figure something out.


Arm yourselves so it’s a fair fight is my advice

Or just do a better job policing it and what not.

You can carry all you want but you can also be involved in it when you aren’t looking or by accident. How’s carrying going to help in those cases?

The issue with carrying, as someone that does at times, is I cant take the gun to baseball or soccer and if I am drinking I am absolutely not going to have my gun on me. And those are the situations that would have me in the area.


Never been in a fight that did not hurt and never seen a gun deescalate a situation. Best advice is avoid the areas / situations at all costs if you can. If you carry okay but lot of people too quick to pull and then where fo you go from there. If I get to a situation where a gun is pulled then one of two things is gonna happen. Neither one good.