Charlotte @ North Texas 10/10 8PM ESPNU


Tickets are available for this game. Of course you have to go all the way to Texas to see it.

My only concern with this game is coming out flat due to travel.
See UTEP last year.
Someone said on another thread that it’s tough to win on the road and I think changing time zones with long plane flights will not so us favors.

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We’re three point favorites. How bad is unt and why?

3 point fav at an away game essentially means it’s a pickem game. 50/50 in vegas’ eyes.

UNT is kind of like Middle.

Really good qb play (fast mobile and good arms). I’m not sure if their skill players are good or if they Get their stats on poor opponent or garbage time.

They have played against three above average qb’s, but their defense seems to be awful.

While I think the run should be established, this seems like a game where our wr’s get a lot of looks.

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From what I watched of the Southern Miss/UNT game UNT was throwing down the field a lot. Their QB had a strong arm. Our defense needs to show up Saturday and put pressure on that QB. We can’t kick a bunch of FGs when we get into UNT territory. We need to score 30+ points to win this game IMO.

Actually, I think you got that backwards. The home team is usually spotted a field goal. This indicates Vegas thinks we are a little better than UNT.

LOL, I was questioning my post after I wrote it. Yeah, we have the slight edge…need this win though. With all these nationally televised games, need to produce some Ws.

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2 Deeps:




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I am with you Coach, I don’t understand how good they can be either.


Hope Hurricane Delta does not mess up having this game being played. Right now it looks like the storm will go far enough east of dallas to not be a threat, but you never know…

“after six seasons”

How old is this guy?

Was thinking the same thing. He’s gotta be like Chris Weinke playing college football in his mid twenties.

He’s 27. His birthday is 9/6/93.

He was a 2nd round pick in the baseball draft and signed out of high school. He received a decent bonus. He played 5-6 years of minor league baseball, but never advanced above high A.

The first failed baseball player turned football star I can remember was Jay Schroeder, the QB for the Redskins and some other NFL teams. He left minor league baseball to play football for UCLA and then the NFL.