Charlotte @ North Texas 10/10 8PM ESPNU

The closer we get to this game the more nervous I am, that offense is explosive and while the defense has been abysmal they’ve missed a ton of guys these first few games (they have been recruiting well on that side of the ball). Traditionally we’ve not played well in Texas.

One thing I am sure of is that we will need TDs and not FG attempts to get the W here.


That article about the qb makes me a little nervous too. Sounds like they just missed on a few deep passes that could have changed the outcome of the Southern Miss game. Even with those misses he threw for almost 350 yards with 2 TDs. And at 27 he is probably more mature than most college players. Our secondary better be ready to play on Saturday.

This program needs to take advantage of these chances in prime time…time to follow through on the hype and finish the job!!!

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So he will be 30 years old and living in a dorm when he finishes his eligibility? I don’t know whether to be embarrassed for him or jealous.

Stories from Denton:

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Romeo McKnight is not afraid to fail. Will that carry the Charlotte DE to the NFL?

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Has Prince Bemah been playing this year?

He is injured. He had knee surgery back in August.

Our center is not snapping it accurately. It’s throwing Reynolds off slightly. Also we simply can’t run up the middle. Missing Fisher too much.

Lucky our defense has stepped up on 4th downs but also lucky their kicker stinks so far today.

Not really impressed with our offensive play calling.


Has Reynolds always thrown off the back foot? Even when he has time, he still does. Surprised I haven’t noticed before.

You boys must not like to win, dang! Pessimism at its finest. Oline has really stepped up tonight overall. Had some breakdowns, but have given good time for Reynolds on key plays.

WR have all looked great. Had some stellar catches.

D has really done well under pressure. Some serious stops on 3rd and 4th downs. Hopefully we stay away from an implosion and grow this lead


If he had arm strength he’d be perfect.

Everytime Elder or Tucker gets 5+ yards past their DB…Reynolds heaves it as far as he can and they end up having to stop the route and wait on the ball or it turns into a jump ball. Our wideouts can stretch the field vertically…but Reynolds doesn’t have the arm to really take advantage of that.

Probably why the defenses bunch us tight as much too…they aren’t afraid of Reynold’s deep arm either.

He makes it work with all of his other talents…but man what he could be with another 10-15 yards on his distance.

Not pessimism. Just observations. We truly haven’t looked that good. Too many mistakes and silly penalties. Too many long balls allowed and other teams will pick it up. The replacement center had a rough 1st quarter. I want to see us play to our capabilities. That’s it.