Charlotte-Saint Joseph's game notes GAME NOTES: Charlotte at Saint Joseph’s Hawks Return Home to Host Charlotte on Tuesday on ESPN2

Nothing much in either the Charlotte or Philly newspapers. No surprise there, since both are owned by Knight-Ridder.

BTW, this is only the 3rd true home game for the Hawks this season. And, in spite of what David Scott wrote recently, Saint Joseph’s has the smallest on campus facilitly in the A-10 (Alumni Fieldhouse seats 3,200), not Fordham. The Hawks have been a Jeckyl and Hyde team thus far, so not sure what to expect tonight. We have won 5 in a row on the road, so we do have that in our favor. Unlike the La Salle game, St. Joe’s will have their place packed tonight.


Were the cheerleaders arranged in the photo by neck length?

Are any of those girls even in college? Wow.

Why does St. Joe’s have Jr. High cheerleaders?
I thought Philly actually cared about local sports, even though they were a Knight-Ridder company. I thought maybe their sports editor was worth a damn.

Did anyone find a link to the St. Joseph’s message board?

It stinks that the game starts at 7. I won’t be home until about 8:35. I’ll have to follow the game on the internet & radio, & then watch the end. During the commercials, & after the game, I’ll check on the Hurricanes hockey game. Who’s going to watch the end of the 'Canes after the Niners go off?

I hope they don’t cut away from our game like they did the Mizzou Kansas game that was in OVERTIME!!!

Somebody help me out. Before the game the cameras scanned the crowd. There was one guy dressed up in a cow costume with UDDERS! I know we’re not playing the HEIFERS. Anybody know the connection?

Are those 49er fans in their student section? I see 3 people wearing green.

The only game note that matters: We suck.

[QUOTE=NinerAdvocate;149167]The only game note that matters: We suck.[/QUOTE]

NA tell me how u really feel.

Well lets hope we get Dr Jeckel in the second half…or is that Mr. Hyde?

We have reverted back to our mid-November offense.

Uh, I’m guessing the cow suit was a reference to Charlotte being a southern hick town, in the eyes of the big-city Philly fans.

The guy’s look so awkward. Looks like another pitiful performance in the making[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman].[/FONT][/SIZE]

[QUOTE=Brick Tamland, Weather;149175]Uh, I’m guessing the cow suit was a reference to Charlotte being a southern hick town, in the eyes of the big-city Philly fans.[/QUOTE]

I guess they’ve never heard of Bank of America, as just one example…

Maybe were just not good, maybe we just had a few good runs, and we play crappy all the time you know?

Omg am I losing faith in my niners?

Who’s “Bo”? St. Joe’s has black circles on their uniforms with “Bo” in them. Not sure what that means.

57-50 Charlotte…Another nice road win.Sets up a big game saturday against GW.

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