Charlotte to Hire Michigan associate Head Coach Biff Poggi as new Head Football Coach

U both are kinda right but wrong at the same time. Yes, Army is primarily a running team. But they use not pass the ball only 1 or 2 times. Now they throw a tad more but still not like it’s an air raid Offense

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If you count Price, I’d say all 3 of our last 3 baskeball coaches.

There are certainly coaches that have had success using his approach. Poggi just coached under one at Mich. While I tend to agree with you, the look isn’t good, it has worked before for others. (Harbaugh, Spurrier, Kiffin, Rhule, Deion Sanders so far) I think the verdict is still out.

You are being reasonable. I never said Army doesn’t pass or that they still rely on the option.

It’s really simple math for her to not understand.

Army has completed 25 passes in 3 games!

Army has run the football 158 times in 3 games!

Hurt feelings anyone?

The funny thing is I wasn’t saying you were wrong, I was putting it out there that they had moved away from the traditional triple option. It was just simple follow up that they actually had moved away from the traditional triple option.

The issue is you actually have a problem with me, but I don’t really care about anything you do, minus your insistence on trying to make any comment personal.

PS Just a little math for you, Army is averaging eight more completions per game and a 100 yards more passing this year over last. That and they have four passing touchdowns in three games and had five all last year.


The last Poggi article I posted had better info in it with stories I hadnt heard before…this one has some repeats from it but still pretty extensive:

No such thing as bad PR, only going to help