Charlotte @ Volunteer Classic 11/25-26 - cancelled

Niners face the SEC preseason favorites in the season opener for both as part of the Volunteer Classic in Knoxville.

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Let’s take care of them. We have beaten better teams with less heralded Niner teams. At some point we need a statement game to the world of college basketball we are back. This is a good one for that announcement.


Anything can happen, we certainly aren’t favorites but it would be fun to shock the world (or hell just keep it competitive).

How is VCU supposed to be this year? I know TN is looking great. Does VCU still run the havoc D? I hope we can keep it competitive with them, I just don’t see it right now. I’m just not optimistic we have the scorers we need, and I think losing Bamba in the middle will hurt bad.

Good preview of the A-10 and VCU, has them finishing 5th in the league.

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All you can do is laugh at this point…

And optimistic me thought basketball would be different. :disappointed:

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Turn the buses around. SMH.

Awww for F–s sakes

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Hey VCU, come to Charlotte and we can play you twice.


And so it begins.

With numbers going through the roof, it would appear it’s only going to get worse. Hope not, but I see nothing to be optimistic about.

With smaller roster sizes I dont see how this is a replay of football - half our team has already had it. Seems most programs would have 1 or 2 outbreaks for the season and be over it.

Yep, smaller roster sizes are our only hope. Maybe an effective vaccine becomes available in time to finish up the season about June or so?

first vaccines are expected to be available by the end of December for high risk individuals. Maybe the NCAA can somehow wrangle a few thousand of the early vaccines for student athletes that are willing to take it.

I like the idea of VCU & CLT play twice in Richmond or Charlotte. Many games may be canceled and teams need to schedule replacement games if there is an opportunity

This world has just gone crazy. They haven’t postponed many NFL games and those are adults between 20 and 30 years old. We’re talking about 18 to 21 year old kids whose probability of dying is nearly zero. Play the damn game, no spectators, televise it and let’s have a season. Geez!!!