Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


losing a kid to drexel. oy vey.


Really saddens me that we aren’t being considered by Henry Williams’s and Wither’s kids. That crushes me.


Not everyone wants to follow their fathers footsteps and/or live in their shadow.


I get that. That’s part of my point. As a fan and admirer of their dads, I’m still especially crushed.


What are the chances that Bertram plays this year? We need bodies.


I think he needs the redshirt. The kid made a conscious decision to go ahead and enroll to get experience and get stronger. I hope we honor that.


He needs the redshirt but we lost 2 more players since his decision.

We may need bodies more than he needs the redshirt.

I hope we are at least considering it.


in this peculiar case, i’d say it’s his decision. he agreed to commit with conditions. our changing conditions are not his problem.




Good news (maybe): Jahmir Young announces next Friday.

Bad news: Isaiah Cozart to WKU.


That one hurts !


Ouch. Hope we gotta plan


clt asks if Drexel is an adidas school?


clt is connecting the dots


Curious to see how many of these recruits are wanting to transfer here in a couple years…


Hopefully many of them. I feel like we have dug quite the hole these days though. Sanchez has a lot of work to do with a not so great set of tools. Let’s hope that pack line defense it completely terrifying to other teams.


Given the nature of hoops, I’m sure many will. That’s the way it goes, even for the ones that come here…


Hopefully we can pull strong Australian talent su cevwe keep swinging and missing on American big men.


Need Young, Carrawell, and some Australian 7’4 guy I havent heard of yet.