Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


have you seen him play in person, clayton?


yes, often


Talent is talent, and we can’t get enough of it, regardless of position.



More on Cozart’s unofficial to WKU.


Almost forgot - per Chad Bishop, WKU holding a team scrimmage this afternoon for about 20 NBA scouts.


clt says we cannot lose to Radford again.




Just reading that 6-6 SG Eli Lawrence of Washington Academy in Greenville, NC has committed to Middle Tennessee. Per this Daily News Journal piece, the Niners had been looking at him.


TJ Bickerstaff to announce his decision on Friday.


Brice Williams offered by Wake Forest.


We missed on TJ Bickerstaff, heading to Drexel.


To be fair, Drexel is a power 5 team…oh wait, nevermind. Ugh!


Seems like we are in college basketball purgatory (or maybe it’s just hell). We are so bad we have a really hard time attracting talent but we can’t get better without that talent. Was hopeful for some progress this year to help attract recruits but with everyone we’ve lost, I’m afraid we will be worse than last year if that’s possible. Still will feel better if we play defense & are more disciplined but it will be hard to keep this team from giving up given the lack of depth & experience. I hope Sanchez is a great motivator. We really need to over achieve with lower level talent for a couple years before we can get more 3 & 4 star recruits to look at us.


he has already landed three star talent and we are finalists for 2 more three star players for next season. i expect to be better than last season simply bc of coaching.





I thought we would pull a few good ones in early period since we stole a few good ones at end of the year last year.


Really we have 1 already in Bertram. Curious to see what targets bubble up now. Only guys we appear to be really after are Caleb Stone-Carrawell, Jahmir Young and Ques Glover.


other quality prospects will come up, such as jucos, transfers and decommits and other freshman. we are after and in the running for some solid looking players. if we show something positive on the court this season, we will be in the running for more good players. i believe in sanchez’s ability to sell these kids on his vision.