Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread



I don’t see Hill staying in CUSA very long. :crossed_fingers:


Not sure what other options he has.


The American would open up a whole new world of recruiting to us. At some point though, we gotta stop talking about potential and win consistently at a sport people care about if we are gonna get to the american.


If Hill wants to get out of Conference USA anytime soon he’s gonna have to take another job. Our potential means nothing when we are at the bottom of the conference in football & basketball. We need to dominate the conference in at least one of those sports for a few years before we can go anywhere better.


i sort of agree and sort of don’t . certainly we cannot be a last place cusa team and move to the acc but i dont think we need to dominate it to get an invite. we have a pretty good history in hoops, excellent facilities and a top market. we need to be a lot better but the aac would love to have this market. look at some of the schools in the aac. ecu, tulane, etc. not great programs. ecu has football and a good fanbase but no hoops and no market and tulane has a pretty good market and great academics but stinks in all sports.


If you want on the next conference’s up radar here’s what you need:

  1. Greater than .600 in Football with at leat 2 bowl WINS in 5 years.

  2. Greater than .600 in Men’s Basketball with a couple of tourney WINS, not appearances.

  3. A through renovation of Halton and expansion of JRS to at least 25K.

The Charlotte market got us back into C-USA, it will not take us any further.


Dominate was probably the wrong word to use but we need to be & should be consistently in the top 3 in basketball in conference & at least finishing with a winning record in football to get the attention of the AAC. I think the Charlotte market is a big plus but these are athletic conferences so success in athletics is what they are looking for. Wichita State made it to the AAC & they are in freaking Wichita! Winning in basketball got them there & they don’t even have a football team.


Sadly, it was killed in a plane crash. Fact.


I was in Halton this past weekend for I-Fest (haven’t attended I-Fest in years)…what a great turnout. I think it may have been a missed opportunity not to have the ticket office at the clock tower open though…thousands of people were roaming around. But anyways, in regard to the arena, it’s nice, but it def needs another round of renovation. I can’t quite grasp what I feel is lacking in there, however, I think it is the track I do not like. From just sitting in the arena observing things, the lower bowl is not that big (row count wise) and the track creates a separation from the upper level eliminating some of the intimacy and proximity to the court that a smaller arena should provide. It may be impossible of a task to eliminate the track/rec courts, but I would love to see additional seating takes it’s place. Since we dont have luxury suites in Halton, some kind of premium seating would be ideal…like a terrace level or royal box seating like the Hornets have. Spruce up the concourses a bit and make it feel more modernized.

*Taking another note from Spectrum center…I think a digital video board on the outside of Halton would be very beneficial. There is a ton of foot traffic in that area on a daily basis and a video board would be able to display schedules for next gameday events and other marketing purposes.


I agree with all of these things, thinking Little John Colleseum current renovations. It could easily be done in my opinion. Maybe add seats and mesh out the track area and instead decrease seats up top for suites. Make room for some more cozy padded seats for premium buyers.


Very much agree with the video board, right now only a few posters show gameday right near halton. A video board would be eye catching not make the brick facing tennis courts so bland. Maybe put a mural there too. All about getting people interested


clt says the absurd new student health facility should allow us to turn haltron into a single purpose facility. No need for the track anymore


Has committed to Temple.


Julian Rishwain has committed to Boston College.


Bickerstaff visited Drexel over the weekend.


caleb stone-carrawell has us in his final four along with odu, ecu and radford. 6’6" wing out of cox mill. played along side wendell moore, who just committed to duke. wonder if this kid is a backup option in case we do not land bickerstaff.


I’m not sure he’s a backup option. Different types of players.


not questioning but how so? seems like they play the same position but maybe carrewell is more of a spot up shooter


Carrawell is one of the hardest players to evaluate in the class. The kid can straight up ball, but he’s not wendell moore. On the one hand, its a sure thing that he would have better numbers had he gone to school elsewhere. On the other, he has legit gotten the 2nd, or at times 3rd best defender on the team they are playing as a result of Leaky Black being at Cox Mill as well. For the record, I think the kid is a legit talent and we could really use him. I don’t think “back up plan” is the proper term here.