Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


We had some absolutely loaded classes in CUSA 1.0 days, regularly landing multiple top 125 guys. But this seems like a really solid start. Good foundation to build upon. Now let’s see Sanchez coach em up.

I’m optimistic.




Somehow in the shift from old website I got my name switched from lucky57 to skippy57…Regardless,i’m starting to get excited about what Coach Sanchez is building…And,being at the OK.ST. game was a reminder to me of what being a 9er can be…Now let’s go out and improve off that tonight vs. JMU


clt says we r on the way back!


Hop on the bus!


In a league like CUSA, a school will have more success recruiting 4 year kids than much hyped 5 star recruits who want to turn pro after 1 year.

Having two recruits whose dads were college stars and graduates sets a tone for the program. Kids will want to come and use their eligibility. The program grows stronger the longer players stay.

Compare where Charlotte and WKU are in 4 years.


Williams first team and Stone-Carrawell on second.


Another name on that list, Cam Stitt at Porter Ridge is my next door neighbors son. He has an offer from Charlotte as well. He has other offers too including Wake and OK State.


247 Sports finally updated their recruiting rankings, since the early signing day. We are currently #69 Nationally and #1 in CUSA on total points and #3 in CUSA on average (UTSA and UNT both are higher but have only one commit). Brice Williams and Anzac Rissetto were not previously rated on their site and both are currently rated as a 2*. It will be interesting to follow those 2 and see how their ratings may change, now that they are on the radar.


#69 in the nation. Nice.


It’s like you used to run the barstool or something…


for anybody who is interested, brice williams and hopewell will be playing at high point central tomorrow night. i am going to try to make it out.


Went to a high school basketball game last night for the first time in forever as I have a 9th grade nephew on the JV boy’s team at East Lincoln HS in Denver. They jumped out to a 9-2 lead, only to see Statesville go on a 15-0 run to take a 17-9 lead at end of the first quarter. East Lincoln ended up winning 65-38.

Anyway, not sure if I witnessed any future Niners but did come away with a greater appreciation for prep players.



So Williams had 24 of their 46 points–who does he think he is, Jon Davis?


i didn’t get a chance to get out and watch the game. anybody able to make it?




brice williams highlights of first two games this season.


@ Olympic tonight