Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread







I hope Caleb and Brice are at the game Saturday and are recognized so we can properly welcome them !


that would be great. i think we should also make sure we do not forget about the other guys in this class. jahmir young looks like a big time player. the type of defensive player and point guard that can lead your team and risetto appears to be that tough inside player that we need. i totally understand the emotion involved with brice and the hometown thing but let’s make sure we talk about all of the guys. that being said, the picture of brice holding his father’s jersey got me a bit emotional.


Henry Williams was my all-time favorite player and person. He was an inspiration on and off the court. I will never forget our time with him. Having his son commit to Charlotte brought a tear to my eye. I can’t wait to see him in a 49er uniform with our fans cheering him on as we once did his father. I am thrilled with our 2019 recruiting class but getting Brice is special


Me too.


THey can’t recognize them, won’t be signed yet. That’s a big no-no.


Way back when…Ninernation, Gang Green, etc would always call them out recruits and welcome them
when they were in the house.
Guess that was back when more students were engaged and knew what was going on.


i remember those days. we have to give the students a reason to care and know these recruits names. they have to lose the mindset that these are typical lousy price players or they are guys that the acc didnt want. if we win, they start becoming more involved.


All 4 commits have inked.



Future be BRIGHT ! :sunglasses:


This has to be one of our best classes on paper in a long time if not ever. I know we have had a few 4 stars, but usually combine them with 1 and 2 stars. I cannot remember 4 three stars in one class.


What if this is only the beginning? If Sanchez can bring a group like this in for his first recruiting class, when we have stunk for a decade, what happens if he starts winning?


What if this is the end?


U’ll see.


Are we allowed to write articles without using the word STANDOUT?


Apparently not.


Thank you Henry Williams