Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


It bothers me when people say make your dad proud. College sports is hard enough as it is without making kids feel like failures if they don’t surpass their fathers career who happens to be the all-time leading scorer at our fair university.

I’m sure Henry would’ve been proud of Brice no matter where he committed and how his basketball career turns out.

Regardless excited to see this commitment and the young nucleus that Sanchez and company are putting together.



When I say it, I say it as a father. He would make his dad proud by putting the Jersey on, performing at HIS highest potential. Not at his fathers. I just hope he shows great effort and enjoys being here. Not looking for record breaking.



Carawell had it too



World saltiest wine and cheese fans. They still can’t seem to get rid of Ron Wellman.


clt says we have the best recuiting class in cusa


Those wake fans are real pieces of work.


When they discover they are paying Duke money for college but do not get the diploma prestige, the winning teams, or the ability to look down on Chapel Hill it makes them grouchy.


Sour grapes from fans with delusions of grandeur to be on the level of dook or crapple hole. They’re lucky to be in the acc. Pricks.


Those rankings don’t even have our latest two committs


Yeah, but neither is ranked by 247, I believe, so they shouldn’t have much impact.

But this is AWESOME news! I’m ecstatic to have Brice on board.


Brice absolutely at least a three star player.





when is NLI day?


Years of disappointment conditioned me to be pessimistic about Brice coming here, especially with all the other “name” suitors after him. Mighty glad I guessed wrong this time. Welcome to NINER NATION, Brice!!


November 14-21.