Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


Really hoping this goes our way. This class could really be the beginning of something.

Psychologically for me, having Dink on the bench and Henry’s kid on the roster would do me a lot of good.

Come on Brice, this is the only place your Jersey could hang along side your Dad’s one day.


was dink allowed to talk with brice during the recruiting process?


Dink can interact with kids when they are on campus.


good. I can imagine his could have been a powerful voice.


Welcome home Brice! Cant wait to see these guys suit up next year


Awesome news !


My new favorite tweet #BOOM!!!




the second coming. it’s on like donkey kong.




Just saw this on twitter…literally almost brought a tear to my eye. Not only is this HUGE for the program at this point but his dad is everything to me as it relates to being a Niner and having Niner pride.

When I arrived on campus in '91 I felt like I was attending a D2 school (the commuter school feel was real back then)…until I saw Henry play. He was the FIRST thing I had Niner Pride about. I could brag to EVERYONE that we had a player that could play anywhere and compete with anyone. He was a stud…winning the Pepsi Tournament in Charlotte beating 2 ranked teams (DePaul & Alabama) made me realize I was at a real D1 school that deserved my respect as an attending student.

If not for Henry, I would have been another kid going to UNCC wearing Tarheel clothes…but because of Henry…I became a full fledged, passionate Niner…and I’m proud as hell that his kid is coming back here to help resurrect the program hopefully to the level that his dad helped us get to when he was here.

Thank you Brice!!


great post, trleader. this young man will certainly help keep his father’s legacy alive.


Wow this was really nice to see. I’m excited to see our current kids develop this season and then be joined by this next recruiting class!


Big get for us.


Wow, love it. Henry was my all time favorite Niner!
And to top it off, Henry was a better person than he was a basketball player, and he was one heck of a basketball player.


Holy shirt! I was not optimistic but Sanchez is establishing the #GoldStandard !


i love the “staying home” theme on his twitter page with the skyline in the background. great theme that we should use.


How’d that not coming here turn out? :smirk:

@UVilleNiner Henry didn’t want to play for Bobby Knight. Coming from Indiana, that’s the biggest rejection Henry could have made those days when choosing us.



Me too. I actually choked up a bit. Awesome to have this great kid come here. Sad his dad won’t get to see him play. WELCOME HOME, BRICE!! Make your dad proud and get your jersey retired too. YAAAAAY!!!