Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


Last years stats, avg 20 and 8 so far. 75% from the field.


wow. that is impressive no matter who you are playing against. love what sanchez is doing in recruiting. our depth next season should be a strength of this team.


Ugboh is very intriguing. Would love to add him and Brice.


do you know if we are recruiting him?


fwiw, ugboh retweeted something from vic sfera.


No offer, but niners are in touch.




Brice Williams announcing his commitment tomorrow at 11am.


Brice would be an awesome pickup, especially with his dads legacy here. Any word on where he is headed?



Just read that online as well. He retweeted the story, but also carawells signing here. Who knows, I dont like that he spoke highly of the ACC. Seemed to be leaning that way. Hope we can land him!


Just damn sad he isn’t coming here.


THat’s not what that says, at all.


Agreed, but ACC offers are hard to turn down.


Yep, takes a special kid to look beyond league affiliation to find the right kind of fit.


His dad was that kind of “special kid” (admittedly I don’t remember off-hand all the schools Henry had offers from, but he was a pretty highly rated kid who came here with quite a bit of hype).


Down to VT, WFU and Charlotte for Brice Williams.


Still announcing this morning, correct?