Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


Many of us remember how badass a packed Halton arena is with a talented 49er team pumped on the floor. It has been an eternity, but these kids are what we need.


Skip to 12:20 mark on Run’s link for 49ers.


What is high major minus? I hate these terms they use to describe guys not going p5.


HM- pretty much means HM kid but lower end P5 schools.


I love the part where he admits they’re only three stars because they’re going to “mid-major” schools.


Yeah, I “love” it too. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


yeah, brice wlliams being a two star on 247 sports is a joke. it basically says they have not evaluated him and since he is not going p5, they are not going to. if that kid is a two star, ill eat the hat that im not wearing.


Jahmir Young, our three star PG for 2019, is playing on ESPNU tomorrow, at 5PM. His DeMatha team is playing the number one team in the nation. Record it and watch after the Niner 4PM tip off.


Is Jahmir the starting point guard. Look forward to seeing him play


He is. Im definitely gonna watch tonight.


I just finished watching. It was tough to tell a lot from just one game, but he definitely has skills and is really tough. On offense they don’t run much through him, but Dematha is loaded, so I didn’t read much into that. He has a good looking stroke and hit a three. He also drives to the basket very aggressively, but not out of control. He seemed like he played good on the ball d, and had a couple steals, one of which resulted in him throwing down a pretty nasty dunk. Impressive, as he is only 6’0.
I also thought he was unselfish and had very good court vision. Not sure if he will be mainly a 1 or 2 for us, but he looks like he could excel at either.
I don’t think he will start for us next year, but he’s clearly a seriously talented kid and I don’t think it will take him long to turn into an impact player for us.
Kudos to Sanchez and staff for landing the starting pg from the #3 team in the nation.


I agree with those points and think he’ll be a great player for us. Very nice to get a kid from that caliber of a HS program. He showed an all around game tonight. Nice handle, sees the floor well, nice stroke. He’ll be a very solid defender in Sanchez’s system. Very excited for this class to get on campus!


You can watch the replay at anytime on watch ESPN


DVR’d and awaits me.


clt asks if that requires espn plus?


No, if you have espn in your regular package it’s just “espn3”

Though I gotta say, this whole deal is getting confusing


If Jamir Young Isn’t the starting point guard for us next year, who do you think will be


Jordan Shepherd, Oklahoma transfer, would be the other option. He’ll be available next year. I’ve not see him play but he did get some minutes at Oklahoma.


has anybody on the board watched a practice? or can that still be done?


I’d say Shepherd is pretty much a lock to start at pg. In addition to being extremely talented, he’s been learning the system all year and will have that experience.

I would think the rest of the lineup is up for grabs. Martin probably has a spot locked up, but outside of that there will be a lot of competition, which is a good thing.