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clt says the colorado wins due to superior tailgate

put a case of bud lights in there

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I think Toyota has kinda lost its way from an aesthetics perspective. It’s a weird mix of cheaper plastics and over the top “rugged” design, which is fairly contradictory.

You know what they say about opinions.

Hybrid also introduces all new ways to fail from trail use. Many people like me digs the simplicity of the Tacoma because it coincides with reliability. One great V6 engine matched with a manual transmission is perfect for the Tacoma. As for interior styling, that’s why my wife has a vehicle.

I can’t argue with the reliability of Toyota V6 engines. I’ve owned a couple and they are fantastic. Partially because historically they don’t overtune them. Their power output is less than what they could get out of them, which doesn’t stress the engine nearly as much. Do the maintenance and they can easily go 300k, even 400k without any major issues. I think all I’ve ever had to do with them is change an O2 sensor.

clt says you guys are correct. the old taco/4runner drivetrain is boring and under powered but will last forever

Exactly. The best engine I ever owned, and I haven’t owned too many, was the V-8 in a 2000 Tundra. It never worked hard and only required 4 O2 sensors and one radiator in almost 300,000 miles. It was perfect. Even my wife enjoyed driving the old truck. Her favorite was probably the SQ5. Going from a supercharged 6 to a fuel efficient, front wheel drive Lexus is like the biggest buzz kill. But with oldest being driving age, slow and safe is tolerable. It’s kind of a perk having a manual because almost nobody can drive it these days.

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Burrito says please stop talking about tacos. You are making me hungry

The 4Runner interior has been in your design description for more than a decade, very pedestrian. But they have a very loyal following. Toyota’s taken the “if ain’t broke don’t try to fix it” approach with the 4Runner, and I can’t say that I disagree with them for doing that.

Isn’t the 2024 4Runner new and not merely a refresh?

clt thinks the new 4runner will be based on the new frame used by tundra and taco

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Yes, I believe so. Just responding to your aesthetics perspective and cheaper plastics comments. That’s been it’s interior design scheme for a while.

This is just from a quick Google search, the second sentence from Car and Driver review of 2019 4Runner.
“Don’t call it a comeback—the 4Runner’s been here for years. And you’d know it to look at the thing, with its burly, last-decade styling;”

This is headline from a Motor Trend review of the 2015 model.
“Luxury Trim Can’t Hide Old-School Underpinnings”

clt says this looks good

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