Classic / ICE cars ⛽

What do they do when they need to fight Russia? Duh. Wackos salivate some much over “the death of gasoline engines”. Fools


I guess reading down to the sub heading was too much.

Reading is for wackos

One of the most beautiful cars in history has been fully restored by Lamborghini. The videos of it are in the third link, and I needed to skim through it to see and hear it. Starts at 4 minutes in.


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Iron Man Want GIF

I love car reviews of cars no normal people can afford…

…oh, wait. That’s almost ALL cars these days. Nevermind.

I am stockpiling older cars that I can work on and are cheap.

Like this one?


72 MGB
2000 BMW M Roadster
2008 Ford Ranger
2009 Infiniti G37 s
2016 Ford Edge
2017 Mazda 3

Throw in the ambulance and a dune buggy

And a Harley, Triumph and Ducati

I am trying to not put a lot of miles on anything and maybe I’ll never have to buy one of these new soulless bastard vehicles.

Wife does want a new bronco but I’m not spending that kinda money.

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My daughter just bought a Bronco Sport. 35k. Saw a sweet full size and they around 60k

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I will take the Roadster M

Don’t let the name fool you, these are not the same vehicle. The Sport is a Ford Escape with more attractive body panels on it. It’s a solid vehicle, but it’s about as much like a proper Bronco as the Mustang Mach E is to a Mustang.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t want it for me but for a 23 yr old girl it’s a good fit

It actually matches up well their history, as Ford had a Bronco II which was not like the full size Bronco. Why they decided to go with Sport this time instead of II, I do not know.

Apologies for being a tad argumentative, but wasn’t the Bronco II a supposed evolution/ replacement to the original Bronco? I am old enough to remember them both, and IIRC they were only sold alongside each other for like a year or two at most.

Also, more to the point, wasn’t the Bronco II body on frame, just like the Bronco? It was still essentially a truck.

The Sport is a unibody vehicle, as it’s based on the Escape.

Bronco II Ranger based
bronco F150 based

The new Rangers are as big or bigger than those old 80s F150s were. If you made a new ranger based Bronco Sport, it’d be a big vehicle.

Kinda circling around to the emergence of small, basic pickups. The Maverick is still selling really really well from what I’ve read. Even the hybrid one.

And Toyota is about to come out with their own version… I may have even posted about it above somewhere. It’s called the Scout or something like that? Analysts are predicting it’ll sell like hotcakes and crush the Maverick. Same utility, better build quality and reliability at a comparable price.

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They sold the full size until 1996, so they overlapped. I was being more generic in terms of Big vs Small. But you make a good point, the original Bronco was probably closer in size to the Bronco II. So the fullsize version in the 80s and 90s should have been the Bronco II, and the Bronco II should have been the OG Bronco. :roll_eyes:

And the CyberTruck is fantasy based?

Bronco Sport frame

Bronco frame

One is an all-wheel drive station wagon marketed as a compact SUV. The other is an extra short midsize truck.

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