Clemson Fans Not Sleeping On Us

"Was idly curious so I started perusing…Charlotte isn’t terrible. In fact by the numbers they’re quite a bit better than Georgia Tech is.

When my son did the recruiting circuit awhile back he came back burbling about Charlotte’s facilities, which surprised me, but they were obviously making a massive push to upgrade their program. The money they’ve put into their program shows, whatever - they’ve elevated themselves to Conference USA status, arguably the top conference in the so-called “Group of 5”, and they’re 2-1 right now. They beat Gardner-Webb (49-28), dropped a shootout to an unbeaten App State team (56-41) - outgaining the Mountaineers 526 yards of total O to 458, losing owing mostly to two turnovers - and then thumped UMass 52-17 this past week.

Their offense is shockingly good, nationally, just four places behind Clemson, ranking 17th overall in yards per game (522.3 per game) out of 130 FBS team. If you’ve read my prior posts you’ve probably seen I use the NCAA stats site as a natural “bell curve”…that means, like Clemson, the 49ers are an A-level offense in college football. Their scoring offense has been better than ours…47.3 points per game, good for 14th overall, whereas we’ve averaged 39.0ppg (28th overall.)

Their D has also performed well. The 49ers rank 42nd out of 130 FBS teams, good for a solid “B” on that aforementioned bell curve. They allow just 313.0 yards per game, though their scoring D hasn’t been as good; they’ve allowed 33.7 points per game, which puts them at 106th nationally.

What jumps off that stats sheet is this: this is not a bodybag game. These guys have absolutely zero name recognition because they’re so new to FBS, but they are assuredly not Furman or El Cid or even Coastal Carolina. I doubt they’re quite as good as their stats indicate, but they didn’t get those numbers in a vacuum, and they certainly indicate this Charlotte team probably ranks anywhere from the 30’s to 50’s nationally in reality and are substantially better than a lot of bottom-end Power-5 teams. Like I said, I think they’d thump Georgia Tech good and proper right now.

Clemson’s coaches do a good job prepping so I doubt any of this will be a surprise, but Clemson fans expecting a casual 70-point stroll next week are likely in for a surprise. Charlotte can and likely will fight back some - this could be a statement game for them - and this is not an automatic “W” if Clemson sleepwalks in.



Um…first time I think we have been overestimated as a program.

Also, welcome to the Nation.


Saw this earlier today. That is one of the more respected posters on Tigernet forum. Good to hear some positive words thrown out about our program.


Appreciate the positive words from Clemson fan.

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Would be nice if C-USA were the top conference in the G5! Even second or third would be something!

USA Today has us 113 out of 130. I think we’re somewhere between where they rank us and he judges us to be

This guy is being incredibly generous, but I love it.

Yeah some nice words. I am really interested to see how we look against a #1 team.

Off the cuff, I’d think they could easily put up 70 on us if they wanted. But maybe, just maybe, we are better than we even even know. Maybe they fumble the opening kickoff and we return it. And then the next series is a tipped ball INT for a TD. Then we are beating the #1 team at least for a few minutes.

Ninerfan55, did you really go on the Clemson boards and say something to the effect that we could potentially move to the SEC in the future? And used our basketball history as part of your support? :joy:

Shhhhh, let’s keep that a deep dark secret between us Niner fans


We all know really good teams can play down to lesser opponents. I hope Healy’s game plan is to #1 Have fun. #2 Minimize mistakes. #3 Have fun. Go Niners.

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Sounds like a plan.

#4. No injuries


Same Clemson board, different thread. Nothing of importance. Stupid banter.

How quickly the word spreads.

Every board has its assholes…

I’m not even sure what that first posters insult is even trying to achieve.

clt says this is our future when we pick up wal mart fans. Duuuuuumb chat board posters

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That should be #1


Apparently some parent from A&M asked on their message board about his kid’s blanket (towel) that was left. And banter ensued…

Well did the kid get his blanket back?