Clt asks who will replace phil?

do we go after JMU’s chancellor?


Judy is the obvious choice

Judy would be All In on the name change!

I hope it is someone who is looking to make waves and brings high energy to the institution.

I nominate stone cold ken


I understand there are some skeletons in that closet we probably don’t want to touch (covering up a hazing death in which his son was involved, apparently some questionable financial maneuverings with company funds, etc.).

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CLT would make an excellent chancellor

I would like to see a passionate visionary type that sees Charlotte for what it could be not for what it has been in the past. I would also like to see some coming from an institution with a medical school.

Make him sign an NDA before we talk to him!


It thought for sure that was going to be Pat Kelsey.

Pat McCrory is actually an interesting choice that would not have occurred to me. Local power broker.
Probably appointed, and certainly dealt with members of the BOG. Has national contacts. As mayor was known as a moderate that could work with everybody. Has executive experience. Give him a good Provost to run the academic side and this could be strong.

Has also been quoted as being supportive of a name change.

But he’s severely lacking academia experience. Generally speaking, i think the people who get these types of positions have been in academia their entire career, not necessarily business people.

We need someone in the mold of the Mike Hill hire.

We need someone in a position at another high-profile P5 school that Chancellor would be the next step for them. I would rather have someone that has seen first hand how a large P5 University is run with connections in the P5 world as well.

Not too keen on taking someone more seasoned & established from a smaller school. I’m done with “small school” mentality leadership. That’s exactly what Judy and Phil were. They were great for us 20 years ago…but ended up WAAAAAY over their heads. We need visionary leaders that know how to grow and expand a brand…and someone that WANTS to do that with a sleeping giant of opportunity. Name change, medical school, conference affiliation…all of these issues need a big time leader with big time connections and big time experience in the P5 world at some level.

No more small school…no more yes men (women).

We need a Mike Hill of the Academic world.

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