Clt says let’s talk bracketology again

clt says it has been a little while, but love to see us projected to Greensboro NC

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am i picking us to win the conference tournament? i’m not but unlike the past 15 seasons, it wouldn’t suprise me a bit. if we do win the cusa tournament, i like our chances to pull an upset in the first round bc of our defense. again, not saying this happens this season but our defense can win this for us. if we have brice or bertram step up, we couljd be the favorites to win it. its nice to talk about it again. i think we are 1 quality scorer/shooter away from being an ncaa tournament team.

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Do you see Brice or Bertram being that key piece after half a season? They have done nothing. Sure a lot of teams would do better if they had one more solid contributor.

I’ll wait to see how we play against the better teams in the terrible cusa. As of today, given our road record how can someone have any faith in doing well in the conference tourney? 8-1 at home and 1-4 on the road.

like i said, i wasent making a prediction. im not expecting brice or bertram to step up signficanrtly this season but i was saying that if one of them does, it changes our teams substantially. with our defense, we can win on any night but another weapon on offense would change us completely. i agree, at this point the team has to prove they can win on the road but i trust sanchez can get the road woes turned around.

We want to dance? We need to stack up wins, get a good seed with bye’s and win in Texas.

We aren’t getting an at large and while it’s nice to see our name on the projections, but we are three wins at the curtain before that happens.

i know. i wasent talking about an at large. i meant dancing by winning in texas. we need to beef up on ooc schedule in upcoming seasons to prepare for at large.

are Bertram and Williams over their heads, in the wrong system, or just need confidence/playing time?

I don’t think Brice is in over his head at all. He has the physical ability to be a great player once he learns the system.


Yeah I agree with NN on Brice. He is a halfway into his first season. There are a ton of kids who end up being great players that either didn’t or rarely played as a freshmen.

Bertram on the other hand played with the team all last season and doesn’t appear to be able to play at this level IMO.

Miner Obsession did an interview with Sanchez and it made me think the system is more complicated than anything they have done, they need to break some bad habits, and they need to get reps. I’d say this is a big reason why Williams isn’t getting many minutes.

I think we will see him more and more as we hit the road.

Mike Thorne needed a couple years to develop, and was solid when he finally hit the floor. Brice could definitely look like a diff player in years 3-4.

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I think you guys might be giving up on Bertram too soon, regardless of the fact he practiced last year. My hope for Bertram all along has been to be a quick offensive threat (3 point shooter) off the bench (and atleast not be a BIG defensive liability). These kinds of guys can sometimes “flip the switch” by simply getting one to fall. As bad as Tyler has looked, he IS still just a freshman. I think he lost his confidence early in the season and it has continued to snowball as the season has gone on. I think once he hits his first (and it will happen eventually) one, all of that pressure will be off and improvement will follow.

i agree. i think if he sees a couple of 3’s fall, he will gain some confidencee. if he can become the shooter he was billed to be, he would be a huge weapon for us and change the dynamic of this team.

I don’t really understand Bertram getting more minutes than Younger but I definitely agree that it’s not time to give up on him. I think the one & done era has really messed up our thinking as far as what to expect from a freshman. Freshman rarely played years ago & were almost never expected to be major contributors. Bertram has definitely looked lost but that most likely has a lot to do with lack of confidence with his shots not falling. If he sticks around he still has a chance to at least be a good role player or maybe more by his junior & senior years. Some players make major strides in one offseason so anything is possible.

I am inclined to agree. He drained a few very long ones against uga and I had hopes that we had a reliable score from any range shooter on the team. It is insane that he hasn’t gotten a single one to fall in the regular season given the number he has taken. Eventually one will go down. Hopefully that is all it takes to get him going.

Ryan Murphy looked mostly useless in his time here, then had a big scoring outburst and out up 30 (ish?) one game. Prior to that he did not look like a d1 player to me. Now he is Pitts leading scorer.

How about running some Jobey Thomas type screens for Bertram?

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I will be absolutely thrilled to be wrong about Bertram. I really hope he does turn it around.

I echo these thoughts on Bertram, I’m sure things can change, but at this point it just doesn’t look like he can play on our level.

Bobby Lutz agrees with you. :grin:

We need an outside threat and he’s supposed to be able to stroke it. I don’t see him creating his own shot though. So, bring him in and run a couple of screens for him. If he’s off, go a different direction.