Clt says we are trending up!



Too bad we don’t play Rice and UTEP this year.


HA! I posted the same thing on FB. More NINER luck.


The bottom of CUSA is so bad it’s unbelievable.


I predict we will end up much better than 125th.


Kind of a win, win situation. If we do, good for us. If we don’t we get a new coach, and good for us.


Yeah. Kinda sad for Lambert. He’s a good guy and we should have gone bowling 2 years ago. But we didn’t and with a new AD, and a probable stinky football season coming up, it will be time to fully enter the Mike Hill era of NINER athletics.


I kind of think we might surprise people (in a good way) this year.


Brad Lambert is a complete joke.


Will someone get it through Edmonds’ thick skull that his MS Paint garbage on Twitter makes us look like crap?


I share the same sort of optimism as Uville does. I think we might surprise some people, especially if we can get quality QB play. With the amount of lettermen we have returning there should be no reason for improving on our 1-11 record if we get even just ok QB play.


I agree as well about surprising some people. We still have two QB’s to see yet take the field and show what they are made of. I am high on Evans though and love what he has shown on his highlights.


So. Bad. :joy:


I’m worried we’ll do just well enough for Lambert to save his job.


If Lambert is coach next year Mike Hill should be fired.


You say this before knowing how well we will do this yeat


I have five years of shit years. Five years of losing to teams we shouldn’t lose to. This year is irrelevant.


So if and granted it’s a HUGE if, we make a bowl game and win in our 4th FBS season and 6th season overall, Lambert should still be fired?




Yeah. He can’t coach or recruit. That has been proven. I’m confident hill can go get a really good coach.