Clt says we have the best student section in cusa


BGB loves us :heart:

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Build them a larger section so we triple their size immediately after

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This is something to build on. AD should promote this recognition. Make students want to be a part of this. This has the potential to grow and become part of our identity.


Yup, students have really brought it this year. There’s been a noticeable uptick in game day atmosphere because of that. I’d be promoting the #1 ranking as well.


Hmmm…. Winning is like magic. :trophy::pick::green_heart:

Until they bring out Lew’s whiteboard I don’t think they can peak.

I say fan the flames.
Lots of positive reinforcement for the students.
Create an environment of FUMO. Fear of missing out.
Come up with something similar for the students like Club Lit.
This AD is capable of building on the atmosphere for both students and fans.
The rest of the city will soon fall in.


Love that idea - a Club Lit like post game party if we win. That could be huge.


Imagine if they could still tailgate next to the stadium. The old greenway probably wouldn’t be big enough.


Tell us more. What happened to the student tailgate?

If we want to improve our tailgating, we need to send a team to NC State to observe. They have knocked it out of the park. I was there 2 weeks ago and saw it first hand. The AD needs to form a committee.

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Not just the AD. The student tailgate in the flood plain got shutdown by admin for some pretty justifiable reasons. It’s a delicate balance to let the kids party while not be held liable for what happens on campus.

NC State has a great set-up and they have for years. It makes things a little bit easier when your stadium is built off-campus in the middle of a bunch of fields, that eventually become huge flat parking lots.

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That makes no sense…they still have tge student tailgate…they just moved it “out of sight” beside North Deck.

They haven’t had a “student tailgate” this year so far.

They had kids passing out in the woods and some serious safety issues because it was hard to authorities to keep an eye on things.

Again, they definitely still had them the last 2 years pre covid.

For my fellow old Niners, the student tailgating didn’t hold a candle to us at the Jam Up Festival.

Again - trying to keep an eye on things going on in that location with the woods and the layout was difficult. There were some reports of some really bad things happening. It was awesome being there but the university needed to protect itself and put the students in an area that was more easily controlled and monitored.