Clt says we needed an fau chat page

clt says this is the biggest game of the year so far.

Will lane actually research our team?

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For all of you engineering alums. You can register at the link below for some free bbq and beer on Saturday.


This game has more ramifications than any we’ve played since Rice in 2016. We win this and a bowl moves from possible to probable and we are contenders in the East. Lose it and we need to get FIU to stay on track for bowl eligibility.


I’ll be tailgating on top of the orange deck, but if you go to the engineering BBQ, please wish Dean Robert Johnson a happy and healthy retirement. He’s done a great job growing our school of engineering into one of the best.

Using a baseball analogy, is an on deck hitter using a swing weight (Clemson) and then when he goes to bat he drops the weight and the bat is lighter and easier to swing (FAU)? Will the players feel the difference in quality of their opponent and dominate?

clt asks if they are going to ask for proof of graduation?

lol, Graduation year and program are asked when you register. I am sure the school of nursing will have something for you guys at some point this season. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am confident that Healy will get the team re-focused for this week. It’s a matter of playing your absolute tail off in this game and then getting a bye-week to recharge before the conference stretch run. A winning record in conference must start with FAU and FIU…getting out to a 2-0 mark gives us a LOT of leeway and confidence to getting to the 6-6 mark, but maybe even beyond that.

Am I worried about our defensive depth? Sure, but I’m optimistic that we’ll scheme well and I’m glad that some younger guys are about to get very real, important experience. We’re playing for this season, but we’re always building for the future, too. Can’t lose sight of that.

Above all, I just want to see us get Reynolds in a groove. The one thing we can’t have happen is the Clemson game shake him for FAU. That game is in the past and the size and speed of their defense is orders of magnitude beyond what we’ll see each week in CUSA. He needs to sling it early and often so we can soften the box for Benny and the Jets to take over in the second half.

FAU and other teams can stop us, but Benny is key to that. With Reynolds in the game you have to keep the DE or LB at home on the option. If Spencer feels like he has enough on the DL to stop Benny look for them to do this. If Benny can break open some runs they have a couple of options. One they can crash their QB spy down to help fill the running gaps or pull a safety up to defend the run. If they pull the safety it opens up the passing game for slants and the deep ball. I feel pretty good that our run game with Benny is strong enough that Spencer will have to make a move.

In the previous game you saw a well coached team with talent. The 1st team defense for Clemson left the QB spy (DE or LB) on Chris. Benny found some success, but it was still too tough to beat them every play with Benny. Clemson also jumped the slant routes knowing that most passes by Chris are slants. I expect FAU may do the same so I would love to see Elder do some slant to out routes in the flat with the outside WR running a deep post. We could still attack the middle with a crossing route from the other receiver, a tight end, or Benny out of the backfield.

The other thing we know is Spencer loves to crowd the box and play off of the receivers. I would also attack with some WR screens and some double moves to keep them honest. It should be fun watching it play out.

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This game too me will be won and or lost in pass rush. If our guys can get to Robison, maybe he completes 54% of his passes like he did in the first two games. If not, he might complete 75% of his passes like he did in the last two games. I’m sure they will double and chip Highsmith, so the the other rushers will have to get to the qb.

On the other side, I fully expect Lemay and Co will get their yards, but our somewhat banged up Oline needs to give Reynolds some time to make his reads and a decent base from which to throw.

This game, to me, is an absolute tossup.

Tossup…meaning 50/50?

50% chance we barely win vs 50% chance we blow them out??


So, what is the spread?

Current line is Niners -1

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I see this game as a nail biters and possibly going to OT. We can’t make dumb special teams mistakes like we did in the first three games and expect to win.

42-28 Niners as the offense rolls, but defense gives up some easy ones. I think our offense will be rolling like it did against App