Clt starts the 2020 Charlotte v appy chat page

clt is hearing rumours that this may happen.

appy has offered to host, the lack of adequate ice will not be an issue with no fans in attendance.

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Can you safely social distance after the game with only one Wendy’s in town?

clt is now hearing we will host the game and pay appy the following:

2 dozen baseballs- used
35 shoulder pads- used
3 new nike basketball shoes- new
$49 contribution to the appy athletic program.


Careful! This is how WW1 got started


I think this is abbreviated: appythetic


It’s a 2-story Wendy’s, should be safe.

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clt hopes we can play appy this year! It really helps our recruiting to play juggernauts.

clt says we are 14 spots higher than appy in FB recruiting this year, by next year it will be 27.


clt says a September game in Boone nc makes sense. The appys can fill up some ice trays overnight for the game and leave them out in the freezing cold.

Hate they can’t ride their million dollar bus to the game though, maybe it’s not too late to find a neutral site?

This is the first move that I’m not a fan of from Hill. The official reason for playing in Boone is due to the larger seating capacity. The best case will be that 25% of the stadium can be filled and I assume that the majority of that 25% will be left for App fans. I don’t see how this benefits our AD budget or the fans if we are extremely limited on available seats. I assume we have lost a home game for the home fans to potentially participate in. At some point, I want the NINERS to act like the superior team and state the requirements instead of being the inferior team by feeling gracious that we were even considered as a valid option. Outside of the fact that most of us will now lose a potential game to participate in, I hope App is paying us big $$. If not, I must assume that we have plenty $$, so I want a lot of free swag with the new logo. I have officially stepped off of my soapbox. GO NINERS.

Why in the hell are we playing them up there? Is their athletics budget so poor that they can’t feel up the damn bus?

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I’ll wait and hear the details. Did we get a home game in the future? Or are we getting half capacity? Hills earned my trust.

I am glad we’re playing., three in-state opponents in non-conference. Let’s go get some Ws.

Edit: We got a home game with them in 2030 so it is a H&H.

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I’m betting Mike locked in some seats for us.

So I read this as we are elated that a team of their caliber would allow us to play them this year (such that we would give up a home slot to do it), and they are gracious enough to allow us to play them again in 2030. At some point, we need to be as arrogant as they are. I agree that I will somewhat reserve my comments (and yes this is me being conservative) until we get a better explanation and the $$ details, but my responses are cocked and ready to fire if necessary.

clt is certain appy cannot pay us to play there. they cannot afford to pay for the gas in our buses.

clt just saw we get a 2030 home game.

clt is concerned appy will not be playing football or even still an accredited uni in 2030.

If so, we can schedule them for homecoming, or buy out the deal.

What is “feel up the bus” a euphemism for?

He’s just really into Jerome Bettis

I think you know…feel up…fill up…who knows?

Man. Mike hill is magic. We get the home game in the non pandemic year.

I know we only have 4 home games currently but this is absolutely the year to have a schedule like that.

I don’t think there’s going to be more than 10k fans at this game at most