Clt starts the appy appreciation page

clt says to post things that you appreciate about appy. No more negativity towards our friends in the hills.

clt will start.

appys provide a back up school for students that are unable to attend Charlotte.

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I mean hey take your pick, I believe one link agrees with you. Everything else gives App the nod and in most cases it’s not close. Hold on tight to the one person that agrees with you CLT!…149.149.0j1…0…1…0i71.0Eo2BLlRWbk%3D

I appreciate I don’t have to see their high school, I mean university? on the way to the slopes.

HCAlum…you will also notice that Charlotte is a “National University” and App is a “Regional University”…also, one of those lists shows App ahead of Charlotte also shows WCU, Elon and several others ahead…pardon me, if I can’t take that one seriously AT ALL.

Charlotte is a commuter school.

Don’t hate on Charlotte just because we have paved roads.

Per US News & World report, you have a 62% acceptance rate, we have a 68% acceptance rate. You have a 55.4% graduation rate, we have a 70.4% graduation rate. What are you basing your statement on?

AGAIN we are twice the size of your high school, therefore the numbers are skewed. I’m sure they taught you that when you went for your teaching degree.

The funniest thing about this line is it shows the stupidity of people that say it.

1 - Charlotte today is very different from the UNCC of old and continuing this tired line shows lack of creativity and experience with the campus.
2 - The City is quite large with an even larger metro area and we are serving our community as we are supposed to do. Not our fault Boone is nothing more than a small mountain town. Yes some of our students live at home and you know what? More power to them. They are saving money and getting an education which pays huge dividends after graduating. You think it’s a negative I celebrate those that are so committed to their future.
3 - Unlike Boone we have options for students to experience life either on campus, near campus or anywhere in the city while not living at home And attending a research level university.

Keep up with the commuter line. It’s so far from true and uninformed that is just makes ya look dumb.

It is as comparable as the things you say about Boone and App are on this board NinerWupAss. Boone and App have grown significantly in the past 5-10 years. Most students in Boone now do live off campus. There is nothing wrong with either way. Charlotte is a great option for some and so is App.

Just come up with some more clever remarks.

I’m not the one that made the tired commuter line statement. That was your guy. I was just responding.

Charlotte has more students living on campus than App does…also thousands more within walking distance of campus, that are considered “commuters”.

You just answered your own question.

This thread exist to screw with our massive amount of app trolls. We don’t sit around and bash app. CLT enjoys getting a rise (which worked)

I’ll join in the fun though. The jean lawson at peppers is one helluva sandwich. The dorms don’t have AC if you enjoy the smell of human perspiration. Boone has half the stuff to do as Asheville with double the traffic.

Charlotte has accounted for about 70% of the growth in the 17 campus UNC System over the last five years. That alone is fascinating, but when you expand enrollment you begin to accept people that you would have previously rejected. Mathematically that increases the acceptance rate. It does not mean we are less selective, it just means we are opening the doors up to more students, that will come here and earn more money than App grads when they get out.

Appy’s Zaxby’s is far superior to any in Charlotte.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in Boone and currently resides in Asheville, you are being extremely generous to Boone with that statement. Asheville has 100x the entertainment Boone has. But alas we are yet to get a two story Wendy’s…

clt says let’s talk acceptance rate

Charlotte: 100 people apply
60 get in

appy: only 21 people apply
14 get in

Appy would say they’re more selective, but reality no one wants to freeze.

So with an initial sample size of 100 at a 50% acceptance rate, you accepted 50 students. Now you decide to double your enrollment to 200. You’re telling me that automatically inflates the acceptance rate? That’s a decision each school makes on their own. You could still keep a 50% acceptance rate and have 100% grown in enrollment from the prior year. Growing in numbers and acceptance rate would be the definition of we want more money and we dont care about our academic image taking a hit. Not to mention as was pointed out with the enrollment differation, the larger the number, the more accurately defined the stat as the sample size holds amongst a more diverse population.

clt says it is harder to get into Charlotte now, and will be harder next fall.