Clt starts the CLEMPSON postgame

clt says the refs killed us. Clear fumble that should be 7-0 49ers


And next play give up a 50 yd TD. Big swing.

That qb lateral pass was very close as well.

clt says it was very unlikely that we would win, but a fair game would be great


Is this really worth a million bucks?

what did you expect this game to look like? this is the best team in the country. they could probably beat the giants…slight exagerration but they are gonna run the tables.

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Of course

Good news: We are running the ball very well and efficiently against the #1 team in the country

Bad News: As good as Reynolds has looked to this point…wow does he look jittery/scared and overwhelmed. I don’t think he’s thrown 1 good pass and had at least 3-4 batted down. Did not expect him to look this bad.

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clt says we should have a fair chance

Not sure Reynolds is tall enough to see over the defense

Worst part about this game…is Clemson has basically exposed our weakness on Offense. All you have to do to shut us down is put 11 future NFL players on the field…it’s that simple.

I hate that this comes out before we go into Conference play. Could be a long Conference season now that everyone will know how to shut us down.


We’ve had some nice gains called back tonight because of penalties. I’ve noticed Benny upset several times. And we had a least 3 pass interference calls. We’ve hurt ourselves plenty tonight. I thought we would look a little more composed.

A lot to feel good about. Our run game looked pretty darn good against their ones. We won’t play a defense in the same universe again.

Also, this team plays with so much heart. Never saw our guys get down on themselves when they had every reason to. We are far from perfect, but I feel great going into conference play.

Money, all of the exposure and players experience… definitely

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clt says the acc is a. Joke

Lines makers are creepy good.

Proof that there is time travel…vegas owns the technology

We didn’t give up a special teams TD.


Anybody get 41.5 instead if 42?

Dabo didn’t let it go past the spread which is nice

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Is Dabo one of the Marx Brothers?