Clt starts the super bowl for the appys week chat page

clt says we win a close one. GWU went perfect. We rested players, looked vanilla, and no injuries

We win on a Cruz 49 yard field goal with 49 seconds left by a score of 49-48.


Nah, no way App scores 48 on us this year.

Win or lose, Appy will still have a track around their field, no ice in their cups, an average grad starting salary under $30k, one doctoral program and a really nice two story Wendy’s. Too bad Apex already took the “Peak of Good Living” slogan.

Tristan says we should’ve played Appy first as a warm up for the much tougher GW

I’m excited for the game but a correction is warranted . We have 2 doctoral programs. A D.Psy and D.Ed. My Appalachian education makes numbers fuzzy but I’m about positive that 45 is quite a few more points than 9.

Don’t blame your education for making the numbers fuzzy this time. Blame Boone’s finest contaminated radiator moonshine. Because why else post this at 3AM??? :grin:

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clt says the search for ice is a 24/7 quest

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When you get a doctorate in bar backing you work late hours.

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I read that App and Boone metro region are becoming among the state’s leading producers of meth. I think they might call it bathtub speed. Even a toothbrush won’t stop meth mouth.

We are going to kick App’s ass. This ain’t a Lambert team.

It’s also called Ice, may explain the confusion leading to its ban at the stadium.

App keeping it extremely vanilla today. As they should.

Defense looks like a ted roof defense. Lot of base, corners giving some cushion. They have a gifted linebacker with two last names.

Throwing it a lot, but no Corey Sutton. O line is their strength.

The McLuvinfense does not look good through one half. I hope the Apps can hold off that juggernaut from Johnson City TN in the second. It would take a lot of the luster off next week if they’re 0-1.

Now who has been in the meth?

clt says appy looks WEAk coming into the Charlotte game.

I thought app did what they needed to do today.

Dominated 3rd and 4th quarter. Kept it vanilla from the word go.

I thought early in the game they got pass happy against a team they didn’t need to get pass happy against.

To beat them we’re gonna need to run the ball, shorten the game, NOT turn it over, and get the ball to our wideouts offensively.

Defensively we need to stop the run and shutdown Corey Sutton. Marquil osbourne needs to be in his back pocket from the jump.

clt says they looked weak against a FCS opponent. We scored more points against a fcs team so we have a better team

Spread could be Charlotte +4 come tomorrow

This is going to be a very difficult game for us. ETSU is no slouch.

No slouch, but not great either. They are an above average fcs team, and they lost their qb and best defensive player early in the game.
App definitely did what they needed to do, but they didn’t look as dominant as they should have against a much weaker opponent like that.
They are definitely talented at every position, and well coached, but they are absolutely beatable.

Right ETSU is a fourth year FCS program. They did win 8 in a depleted SoCon and make the playoffs but they are not JMU, ND St, Montana etc…Last year ETSU was utterly non-competitive vs UT. App got it going the second half but if I were an Appy, well aside from drinking a hot beer instead of a cold one right now, I would not have been happy with that performance.