Clt suggests we reschedule the appy game


clt says they need to focus on more important things, like building stellar academic programs.


How does the University of Charlotte compare? What do our students pay for athletics? How much is our AD in the red each year?


App has 2 separate fees for Athletics, those combined are larger than our 1 fee per student.

The article lists App at +$1000 per student, we are at $824.


2K is that per semester or for the year?


@NLP said per year.


Agree CLT, how will they afford the porta jons for their games!


Proposed athletic fees is a slide in this pdf: we’re fifth highest.


My God, I thought ours was bad.

As good as they’ve been at football, if they need that from students, their graduates really must be broke.

Stereotype confirmed.


They have asked some donors for a 5 year commitment so they can budget or have a better idea on amount of donations.


Wow - looking at that list, we are STILL a STEAL of a DEAL (comparatively) in the state once you add up total cost. On the down side, I think I paid about $500/semester for tuition when I started school at Charlotte.


I’m seeing us 5th highest


I paid $191 a semester for tuition in 71-73. Still had to get a College Foundation loan to afford that and books/supplies as a “commuter” student. It was worth every penny and more. So appreciative.


William & Mary spends as much on football as any state FCS school, except James Madison, maybe. The Tribe is not the example the AAUP professors want to use of football on the cheap.


If App folks start complaining of fees when football is winning that’s a bad sign. When they slip some on the field those voices will get very loud.


You are correct, sir. I updated my post.


clt says DON’T CANCEL the game now!

Feeling a lot better after they named a HC


They literally hired a guy whose entire fan base wanted him fired. I feel like we suddenly have a chance next year.

State runs a lot of prostyle single back stuff. Gonna be a change up in their current set up


clt says you cannot throw the football in the snow


No one wanted him fired? He elevated their offense every year he was there and they had a top 15 offense last year…Their play calling on offense was very advanced. It is the DC that they wanted fired…


lol keep telling yourself that one runt.

I CAN’T WAIT to go up the hill. He’s also a noted terrible recruiter! This is GREAT hire… for us!