clt's write state game recap featuring a knee replacement performed by tom hanks

we stink.

Not as bad as Wright State! That will be our slogan this year.

I like winning though. 3-2 is better than 2-3. Last season we were 2-3 after five games. We made some free throws in the last minute. That was cool. We’re 2-1 on the road, last season we were 2-11 on the road. We already have 2 road wins and it’s Nov 26, last season we didn’t have our second road win until Jan 2.

Nice games by Braswell and Deuce.

Next two games are winnable.

We’re probably a .500 team but before you complain about that just think about how awful last season was.

Nice stream Horizon League. Hmmm…Maybe A-10 lady Bernadette could learn.

Major thanks for not playin 4 out 1 in most of the game.

Also thanks for playing someone in the paint on D with Braswell. All though it still was not a Center.

What were the 2 T’s for. I know the 2nd was right at the end on our inbounds. WTH? It seemed like the Refs were trying to give WSU the game, ala GWU about 5-6 years ago.

I know you guys don’t want to hear it, but it is another typical game from a young team. As they learn to hold leads then they won’t be as close as they are. I thought I was watching a replay of the ETSU game for a minute there. This is a good group desperately searching for on the court leadership. This group will be in a lot of games this year with very few points determining a good record or a bad record. Stink is a pretty strong word. I like to think they play to the level of the competition which is also indicative of a young squad.

QQQ we won QQQ
QQQ we led the whole game QQQ
We are a desperation 3 away from being 4-1.
Oh, woe is me.

Turn the ball over less.
Don’t get technical fouls.
Shoot fewer or better 3 point shots. Several times our 3 point attempts merely contributed to their comeback.

WSU has a good freshman in Sledge.

We led the whole game.
Off FG% 56%
Def FG% 37%!!!
Briscoe seems to be learning/accepting his role better
Henry 5/2 assist to turnover

Technical fouls

clt is flying the zep up to right, ohio later tonight.

Road win is nice, even if the competition wasn’t great. Particularly one where the team seemed to be on the verge of losing another lead, and pulled it out anyway.

Didn’t get to see much of the game apart from the very end. Looks like Briscoe, Henry, and Braswell had good games overall.

Questions for those that saw more of the game:
Why did Braswell have 7 turnovers?
Sherrill’s stat line is pretty uninspiring, what happened to him this game?
Barnett was quiet on the scoring column, but 10 boards (and we got way more rebounds than they did). Was WSU small?

On to the next one. At ECU with a week to prepare.

clt says we won, but this effort will not work in a-10 play.

henry is our most important playa.

well to be fair, you conveniently leave off we are a FT away from a loss at Central Mich and 2-3

We won - still didn’t look too crisp and turnovers are still killing us. Shot the ball well though so that was good. Once again tight ball game at the end and Demario and his 40% FT is still in the game.

We are 3-2 so yay. Still feel no more confident about upcoming games.

It appears Major likes Mayfield’s decision making for inbounds passes late in the game. That is all well and good but the other guard needs to come down and help on the trap so Demario can vacate the area. Briscoe made the correct play in passing Demario the ball tonight as the Wright State defenders had him trapped and were trying to get a 5 second call or turnover and not fouling.

[quote=“cltniners, post:10, topic:25937”]clt says we won, but this effort will not work in a-10 play.

henry is our most important playa.[/quote]

AHHHH you must not be watching Charlotte basketball. :o


[quote=“sokool, post:14, topic:25937”][quote=“cltniners, post:10, topic:25937”]clt says we won, but this effort will not work in a-10 play.

henry is our most important playa.[/quote]

AHHHH you must not be watching Charlotte basketball. :o


On a team with no other competent big men, it’s pretty clear Bras is our best and most important player.

I love Henry though. Apart from the turnovers, he doesn’t play like a freshman. Dude is going to break some records by the time his career at Charlotte is over. And he has hit 3 of his last 4 three point attempts after not hitting any in the first three games.

[quote=“Normmm, post:7, topic:25937”]Positives:
We led the whole game.
Off FG% 56%
Def FG% 37%!!!
Briscoe seems to be learning/accepting his role better
Henry 5/2 assist to turnover

Technical fouls[/quote]

Normm we are not good enough to keep bringing Briscoe off the bench. We need what he brings to the table from beginning to end.

The more he plays the better he plays. That should be obvious even to the small guard critics ,as well as, to Alan (the SIZE KING) Major.

Past two games Briscoe has avg 14ppg on 52% fg shooting and is only playing 21min. :o He only played 17 tonight and was tabbed POG. Kid has knocked down every big shot he has taken under 1min of play the last 2 games.

There are 80min of playing time between the 1 and 2 guard spots. Its absolutely ridiculous that Briscoe is only getting 14 of them.[b]Briscoe has played 44 minutes in 2 pressure filled games and had 1 turnover on a team that has avg 21 turnovers a game.

So where are the posters who deemed Briscoe’s ballhandling to be a liability after two games and 12 min of play. Let me hear you. I’m sure i’ll hear you when he has the next 3or4 turnover game.

Briscoe at this point is the safest bet on our team with the ball in his hands. Also shooting a perfect 1000% from the ft line. I would think you would want that kid in the game, especially from the 7min mark down.

IMO Deuce and Henry have separated themselves in this 4 man guard rotation Major is butchering. Those two should be starting and playing the bulk of the minutes. PERIOD

To start and continue to play Derrio 29 min a game considering the way he is struggling, MAJOR IS NOT PLAYING TO WIN, HE IS PLAYING FAVORITES.[/b]

I agree, Deuce has EARNED more playing time over Derrio and Luka. Hopefully that happens. You don’t have to start to play starter minutes.

I was thinking the same thing sokool, pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee find a way to get the ball into Deuce’s hands when all we need is to knock down FT’s. And Coach Major, no offense to DeMario, but he needs to be taken out on the offensive side at the end, because his FT shooting sucks.

Team played good at times tonight, although I thought there were plenty of mistakes on both ends that can be addressed. This is not a knock at Deuce, but I noticed he tried a stepback 3 right after Braswell had punished them inside for 2 straight baskets. You have to continue to feed the big guy when he’s on like that. That propelled them to a fast break, which was then followed by another fast break off a terrible Derrio Green 3pt attempt. 4 pts in 45 seconds there.

I don’t expect this team to blow anyone out this year, we are young and don’t know how to finish opponents off. Good win on the road, nonetheless.

Thats my point 2k. Deuce clearly should be starting and whats worse he’s not even getting starter min. Avg 14min a game.

Major played the kid 17 min tonight. He wouldn’t have even played that much if Derrio hadn’t damn near threw the game with 2 straight turnovers in the last minute of a 5 point game.

Major either has no clue as a coach or his self destructing thirst for SIZE is totally out of control.

The experiment is over Deuce and Henry give us legitimate offensive and defensive weapons in the backcourt. A combination that gives us the best opportunity to win games.

If Major continues to overlook the obvious and does not start and play these two 25 to 30 min together that will only further solidify his ineptitude as a coach.

Give me a break, the best defensive option with Deuce?  He can't stop anybody from penetrating because he's small, slow for his size, with bad technique.  Now on the positive side, he's not forcing the issue on offense but letting the game come to him more in the last 2 games.  That makes him a much better contributor and has earned more minutes.  I hope it continues because we desperately need another scorer who's not so streaky.