Coach firing time, 2008 season

[B]February 8, 2008.[/B] We’re starting early this season.

[QUOTE=ninerID;292938]LSU Coach John Brady gone


Coaching changes as of February 8th:

School / Former coach / New coach

LSU / John Brady / Butch Pierre (interim)

Oregon / Jay John / Kevin Mouton (interim)

Pepperdine / Vance Walberg / Eric Bridgeland (interim)

San Francisco / Jessie Evans / Eddie Sutton

Texas Tech / Bob Knight / Pat Knight

Dickey Nutt resigns at Arkansas State after 13 seasons.

[URL=][B][U]Nutt era at ASU is over[/U][/B][/URL], Jonesboro Sun
[URL=][B][U]Assistants take over at ASU[/U][/B][/URL], Jonesboro Sun
[URL=][B][U]Arkansas State basketball coach Dickey Nutt steps down[/U][/B][/URL],
[URL=][B][U]Nutt Relinquishes Duties as ASU Head Men’s Basketball Coach[/U][/B][/URL],

Any relation to Houston Nutt?

Kelvin Sampson ain’t far behind apparantly.

[QUOTE=DownwithNBA;297097]Any relation to Houston Nutt?[/QUOTE]
Yes, they’re brothers.

[QUOTE=N1NER;297099]Kelvin Sampson ain’t far behind apparantly.[/QUOTE]
From St. Joe’s/A-10 beatwriter Dick Jerardi of the Philadelphia Daily News:

DAILY NEWS reader Marc Beauparlant suggested that it is time for a 32nd conference, a super conference where all the miscreant coaches end up in a league of their own. Call it the Sampson League.

Charter members would include Jim Harrick, Clem Haskins, Dave Bliss, Eddie Sutton, Todd Bozeman and Kelvin Sampson himself.

Link to entire piece on A new NCAA league for coaching violators

New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Jim Casciano will coach his final game Saturday. NJIT is 0-28 in it’s second year of Division I play.

[URL=][B][U]Jim Casciano Steps Down as Men’s Basketball Coach at NJIT[/U][/B][/URL],

Tom Asbury will return to the sidelines at Pepperdine. Vance Walberg had resigned om January 18 and assistant Eric Bridgeland was the interim coach.

[URL=][B][U]Pepperdine Announces Tom Asbury’s Return[/U][/B][/URL],

Fox Sports is reporting that Kelvin Sampson has been fired but there is no confirmation from Indiana.

[URL=][B][U]The Hoosier Scoop[/U][/B][/URL], Bloomington Herald Times

James Madison’s Dean Keener resigns after four seasons… [URL=][B][U]Keener resigns JMU basketball coaching position[/U][/B][/URL],

Barry Hinson thinks he’ll get the ax at Missouri State… [URL=][B][U]Missouri State coach Hinson says farewells amid speculation that hell be relieved of his job[/U][/B][/URL], Kansas City Star

Missouri State defeated #20 Drake last week in the final game of the Hammons Student Center (1976-2008, 32 seasons, 391 wins-103 losses, 79.1%, attendance 3,132,619/average 6,341).

Derek Thomas resigned at Western Illinois after going 40-104 in five seasons.

Link: [URL=][B][U]Thomas resigns as Western Illinois’ head men’s basketball coach[/U][/B][/URL],

The list as of March 12, how much longer does it get?

Arkansas State, Dickey Nutt
Detroit, Perry Watson
Indiana, Kelvin Sampson
LSU, John Brady
Missouri State, Barry Hinson
New Jersey Tech, Jim Casciano
Norfolk State, Dwight Freeman
Oregon State, Jay John
Pepperdine, Vance Walberg
San Francisco, Jessie Evans
Texas Tech, Bob Knight
Western Illinois, Derek Thomas

Bobby Knight left his son a **** sandwich and I guarantee you he will return with a high profile program…he ain’t done.

[QUOTE=lucky57;303839]Bobby Knight left his son a **** sandwich and I guarantee you he will return with a high profile program…he ain’t done.[/QUOTE] no he ain’t and i agree with you.

Hinson would be a good pick up by anyone looking for a coach.

Loyola Marymount’s Rodney Tention resigns after going 30-61 overall and 15-27 in West Coast Conferencein three years. The Lions were 5-26, 2-12 this season.

[B]Tention is the fifth of eight West Coast Conference coaches to have quit or been fired since the end of last season.[/B]

[URL=][B][U]Rodney Tention Resigns As Men’s Basketball Coach[/U][/B][/URL],
[URL=,1,4068827.story][B][U]LMU basketball coach resigns[/U][/B][/URL], Los Angeles Times

Also gone…

Oregon State - Jay John
Providence - Tim Welsh
Rice - Willis Wilson
South Carolina - Dave Odom

Ax time…

Centenary - Rob Flaska, contract not renewed after 3 seasons, 24-65
Mercer - Mark Slonaker, 11 years, 128-188 overall
Texas Christian - Neil Dougherty, one we knew, 75-108 in 6 years for the Frogs
Toledo - Stan Joplin, 11-19 this season, MAC Coach of Year last season, 12 years at school

Idaho fired George Pfeifer after 2 seasons, while former LSU coach John Brady to be hired by Arkansas State.

Meanwhile, Jeff Goodman of FOX Sports on the South Carolina position:

Still hearing that Oklahoma coach [b]Jeff Capel[/b] is strong for the opening at South Carolina. Remember, Capel grew up in North Carolina, went to Duke and may want to return close to home.


[QUOTE=HP49er;306348]Texas Christian - Neil Dougherty, one we knew, 75-108 in 6 years for the Frogs

How about the other Doherty? Finished 4-12, 10-20, good for 11th in CUSA.