Coaching Rumors

Steele was in the final 3 for the UT job last year.

Curt Mallory

I can’t see it being Steele. 60 years old with a 9-36 HC Record doesn’t seem like where I think Hill wants to go with this hire. I will be shocked if this hire is older than 45.

I believe he was a candidate back in 2012. I have no information other than he lines up with hearing bits and pieces of who else interviewed.

I feel like the names Feldman is tossing out are fed through agents. These guys he says to “keep an eye on” are assistant that are interested in the job. I can’t see Hill being interested in the Army DC, or the Auburn DC with his abysmal coaching record…but who knows

On the positive if the Auburn DC who is making 2+ million a year and was in the final 3 for the UT job last year is interested I think we’re going to be just fine.

That’s true, he was also respected enough to get hired by Saban two separate times at Bama. I could look past his time at Baylor, that program is a historical bottom feeder.

someone that didn’t get hired is not an indicator of anything. Remember the “lambert was in consideration for the Marshall job” statements?

Steele worked for the panthers fwiw. I dont want some old dude and if we have to choose a coordinator, i would prefer an offensive coordinator

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clt assumes hill will announce the new coach after Saturday’s game

If we hire Kevin Steele then there will be only misery here.

UT has no clue how to hire coaches.

I repeat, Do not hire Kevin Steele.

not arguing but i’m curious as to your insight about steele and why you feel so strongly against him.

Extreme likelihood of Lambert, part two. DC who went 9-35 at Baylor. Have we not learned anything?

i’m confident hill won’t hire someone with that record or someone who is 60. doesn’t seem like his style.

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Let us hope. Also, it’s been proven you can win big at Baylor. He was just terrible there.

you can win at baylor…under dubious circumstances.

He is one of the top 3 coordinators in the SEC, Auburn pays him over $2 million a year to keep him from taking jobs like ours.

Phillip Fulmer is now the AD at UT, in the past you were correct about UT’s Athletic Department ineptitude but I trust Fulmer’s football acumen, and he had Steele at the top of his list.

Last week should show us how quickly an older coach can turn a program around if they are motivated, I think Steele’s failure at Baylor would make him extremely motivated.

It’s a little different being in the final three at UT, and being in consideration for Marshall.

Comparing Lambert to Steele is like comparing Mullen to Lincoln Riley. Two of these are elite football minds on their side of the ball, the other two are not.

Now all that being said I will be happy if we take the conventional approach and hire a young offensive mind from somewhere, but a quick look at WKU should show us this is not a guarantee for success.

I will leave with this, these “rumors” are like was mentioned earlier in the thread more than likely agents putting their coach’s names out there. If one of the best coordinators in the SEC wants the job and is the worst case scenario, then we will be in great shape whomever Hill chooses.

Sorry. But I completely disagree with your assessment of Steele. Some coordinators are just not cut out to be head coaches. Steele is one of those coordinators. Unfortunately, in many instances, only actual time spent as a head coach can confirm this. Steele had his chance and failed miserably. If Steele is even to be considered here then why the hell fire Lambert? Lambert did a much better job at Charlotte than Steele did at at Baylor. If Steele is hired we will win 2-3 games next season. He has no clue on how to come in here and turn things around.