College Football Playoff Expansion

Anything less than a guaranteed spot for the G5 is a scam, parity is needed in so many ways.

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Only 11 teams have played in the CFP. Only four have won it.


11 commissioners?

ESPN: ACC commissioner Jim Phillips won’t decide on CFP expansion until ‘thorough assessment’ made.


Meanwhile at Disney HQ: “Jeez, we’re going broke and that boat anchor ESPN is asking for more money to throw at colleges?”

Not unsurprisingly, new Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff in favor of expansion.

That’s not the 12 team model I had been championing, bit I’d take it provided it increased the number of guaranteed G5 spots. There really is no purpose in that many P5 at larges. I do agree with fans who say that doing so would decrease the value of the regular season.

Solve that by increasing the G5 bids to 2, 3, or even 4. You could even put a minimum qualification system on it like a top 25 ranking (computers or polls or either). If there aren’t enough G5 teams that meet the minimum, it becomes a regular at large bid.

I mean ideally, you would have all 10 of the CCGs be play in games, which would contribute to players not opting out, better ratings, and more money for everyone. But that incites a level playing field across all of FBS football, and we can’t have that.

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Yes your plan was better. I am just glad expansion is being discussed. Positive movement.

Forde chimes in:

The official announcement:

6+6. Guarantees 1 G5 spot and makes 2 possible.

From Pat Forde:

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So far I’m liking what I’m reading about this CFP expansion. Seems to make the sport far more exciting to follow for more fanbases.

This is better than I expected as well.