College Football Playoff Expansion

For those that wanted a bigger expansion, take heart that this is about the only direction things seem to move, and they will eventually expand again. First there was no championship, then it’s a four team playoff, now 12 teams. Just like with the NCAA basketball tournament, the World Cup, the baseball playoffs, NBA playoffs. The movement is always to include more teams in post-season play, not fewer.

Though the power conferences will do everything they can to tilt the new format in their direction, it’s still an improvement.

  • As mentioned above, the presence of six automatic bids and simultaneous absence of guaranteed bids for the Power 5 conferences is important. That ensures inclusion of at least one Group of 5 champion—but maybe more than one. Using the 2020 season as a guide, the six highest-ranked league champions were Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina. Pac-12 champion Oregon was No. 25, 13 spots lower than Sun Belt winner Coastal and also three spots behind Mountain West champion San Jose State.

You know, this even allows for some very informal relegation too, after a fashion. Like if the AAC and CUSA or MWC start routinely outperforming a P5 league, eventually, functionally, they would supplant that league in public perception, which would end up potentially resulting in better TV deals, etc.

This is a really good idea. Man, I hope they do it. And then I hope they don’t screw G5 teams on selection Sunday

clt says take the committee out of this and have rpi decide the teams

I just cannot wait to see if the top 6 leagues ever end up including 2 G5s. I know it’s a longshot for now, but the schadenfreude will be delicious.

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“The Sun Belt Conference supports College Football Playoff expansion, including the working group’s recommendation to have the six highest-ranked conference champions in the field. Playoff spots should be earned and not given.



Statement from CUSA’s Judy MacLeod “CUSA will go along with anything and do what we are told. What time is lunch?”

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Sounds like the 12 team playoff is being put on ice.

Which is dumb. Expanding the playoff to 12 benefits almost all FBS. WVU has almost no shot at the current four team playoff.

The 12 team expansion came out of a committee made up of reps from.the MWC, the Big 12 and the SEC.

Knowing now that the SEC was adding Texas and OU, is there any surprise all voted yes to advance the recommendation?

The alliance conferences are going to block it out of spite. It’s dead, unfortunately.

The 12 team playoff benefited the little guys too much. We can’t have that in a sport where only five or six schools have a chance at winning the national championship each year.