College of Charleston 12/1

I’ll start this pregame thread since I’m so excited the Niners are coming to play in my back yard this weekend in Charleston.

The fam has become quite the Cougars fans since their games are easy for us to make it to regularly. That said, I’m really familiar with the team and I do not expect it to be very good for the Niners.

2 players on the preseason all-conference team, both of those on the watchlist for mid-major player of the year award. One of them, Grant Riller, on the watchlist for National POTY in all of NCAA.

Both teams love defense, so the nod has to go to CofC due to offensive ability, size, depth and experience. 3 freshmen get extensive minutes, but they are all pretty good. CofC has also won 20 straight at home.

Way the Niners win - CofC plays more traditional D and not hyper-focusing on Davis. A shootout between Davis and Riller would be EPIC! They play very similarly, will be matched up when on the floor together, and both score all over the court (when getting space, which Davis won’t get until his supporting staff become more of a threat too.)

Looking forward to pulling against the home team this weekend. Go Niners!

One common foe - Oklahoma State. CofC (6-2) lost to the Cowboys 70-58 in Stillwater. That game marked first significant action for OK State’s Michael Weathers and he led the Cowboys with 16 points. Didn’t play vs Niners.

Yep, and was played in Stillwater after we had embarrassed them.

When I first saw this game on the schedule being on a Saturday, I was ecstatic. Get to see my team play in a city I love to visit. After watching our team so far, sadly not going to make this trip. Just can’t take another probable loss and it spoil an otherwise nice visit to Charleston.

Uhhhh did you see it on the schedule in 2009 or something?? We have been bad for a long time. You had to know this season would be bad, but hopefully things will look up soon. Go enjoy Charleston and the game, no matter the outcome. These guys and our staff deserve the support

I was optimistic as I always am for 40+ years. But reality bites. I’ll always be there at home regardless.

I will be there! I have a feeling we will get destroyed, but I’m excited about seeing the team in person, and following up the game with a lot of bar hopping!

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I can already hear you yelling Burns Alley!!!

Lol Burns Alley is definitely happening :sunglasses::beers:

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If you can find it and in a reasonable time frame.

CofC -17.5 favs o/u 129.5 via 5Dimes

RIP 5Dimes Tony

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Link to game. Looks like free stream. May also be on CAA channel on ROKU.

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Confirmed that it is on the CAAtv app on the Roku.

That’s always the trick about Burn’s Alley.

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I don’t think the guys played terrible in this game. Some tough calls and a rough stretch on defense. They probably played the most complete game of the season to date.

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How do we play an entire game without shooting 1 free throw…and only forcing 2 turnovers???

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We shot 6 free throws and forced 4 turnovers

THat’s still low on both…but better than the boxscore shows on ESPN

Charleston is likely a tourney team (best in CAA) and we played them straight up until the end. Very encouraged by this game.

And more proof Sanchez isn’t playing around when it comes to holding players accountable on defense. Robb let Riller (one of the best players we will see all season) blow by him twice and he got zero minutes the rest of the game. Good thing is, Malik showed how to man someone like that up late in the second half.