Colorado Buffaloes Game 12/25 @ Diamond Head Classic


I think we will be better next season and losing Jon, while painful, will not be a major blow. We have some of the new guys who are practicing with the team right now and we have a high quality class coming in to add to the guys who are gaining valuable playing time.

Transfers may happen, but it certainly could be we don’t lose anyone. McGill is the only one that right now makes sense to leave. Robb maybe as he wasn’t a Sanchez recruit.

I think a middle of the pack team next year isn’t out of the question and would be appropriate growth for a team fighting to come back. I think Sanchez has the coaching and recruiting skills needed to get us there. He just needs more players for one and better players for two. Next season we are doing both of those things.

We knew this was going to be tough. This isn’t Major F’ing it all up after Bobby had a borderline NCAA and NIT team or Price basically just being not very good at anything after taking over a dysfunctional program. This program is one of the worst in the nation now and that doesn’t get fixed in one short offseason followed by injuries. I hate saying next season and having so few legit players as excuses, but in some cases excuses are valid.



Losing our best scorer is not that big a deal on this squad.

And Newsflash…JD isn’t all that. No disrespect…He’s on the top of the alltime scoring list…but it’s because the teams he’s been on have been AWFUL and he’s been relied on to carry the load. He is an undersized shooting guard that has a HUGE turnover issue and doesn’t really play defense.

We lose a good (but not great scoring guard) and add several shooters, several scorers, a bunch of long athletes, a stud transfer and a couple of guys with potential to be 4 year studs. THAT’s a team with all the pieces to be successful out of the gate in CUSA…especially if we can lock down one more true big. It’s also a team JD would thrive on but would be option 2 or 3 which is what he should be.

10+ deep Depth, long athleticism, shooting and scoring in a defensive minded system…just wait and see. In basketball…a turn around can be quick because of the small team size. Add just 2-3 real pieces and some real depth can make a substantial jump in one year. We have 7 new pieces coming in…and several starters will be returning too.

If Dirty Sanchez keeps recruiting like this…we’ll be winning this league again in side of 3-4 years.


And by the way…my M.O. on this board is Mr. Negative. I always say I’m not wearing the green goggles and I’m just being truthful in the face of a bunch of fanatics that don’t want to hear the truth.

So…for me to be criticized for being too positive is a new one to me!

But really…it’s all in the recruiting. The recruiting wins Sanchez got with us being a dumpster fire was amazing and so telling for the future. We have the best recruiting class in a decade coming in next year and I have a good feeling Sanchez’s recruiting will get better as we start winning.

That’s where my enthusiasm is coming from. Better recruits will equal wins…better coaching will equal wins. Better coaching with better recruits will equal more wins a lot quicker when also in a bad league.

I am literally stoked for next year…and beyond.


This, 100% and i rarely agree with TRL.


It’s really easy to compare the bad of what you know and the good of what you don’t.


Davis is the best player on this team offensively speaking. No disrespect to him but his numbers are inflated because of the lack of offensive ability on this team. On a good top 25 team he should be the 2nd or 3rd option but he is our only option. Losing him will hurt because of his experience but it sounds like we are adding 3 or 4 players who can score. If that’s the case I feel like we should be much improved next season if there isn’t a mass exodus of existing players after what will probably be a brutal rest of this season. Conference USA is not good so if we can somehow make it to 10 wins this season I would consider that progress & a miracle. We are in good hands with Sanchez. He inherited a big pile of chicken poop so it’s not gonna turn into chicken salad in one season.


who is the stud transfer? Shepherd was a 3 star who has played in 59 collegiate contests and has had 5 double figure scoring games. We also don’t know how well he plays defense. I hope he plays well, but you guys are setting yourselves up on false hope. I think Shepherd will be ok, but he is not stud level until he proves it in college.

If you want to say losing Davis is no big deal here is some perspective. Davis is averaging more points this season than our stud transfer has ever scored in a college game.

More perspective on Freshmen struggles would be that Quentin Jackson was a higher ranked player nationally on 247 than any of the incoming freshmen. Jackson averaged 5.5 ppg in 17.1 mpg. I just hope these guys come in and learn defense and play hard.


Shepherd isn’t really any better rated than Jahmir Young (actually he is worse on the 247 prep ratings).

I, for one, love the Dematha pedigree for Young. That is a great program.

I expect a healthy competition for starting PG between them and Younger. I’m not ready to annoint anyone on this team. You don’t do that when your record is this bad.

And Davis is double teamed constantly. Please don’t crap on him for sticking it out this season, which he knew would be a transition year. My only complaint about him he already discusses himself - he needs to get better on defense. But offensively he is one of the 2 or 3 best players in this league, easily. If anything his job is harder because the only other reliable scorer we have is Malik Martin. Everyone else is a work in progress / inconsistent.

We will be lucky to win 8 or 9 games this season, and I won’t be surprised if we match last year’s record. The goal for next year would be to double that total, and then to win 20 in year 3. If the program has momentum after that, MAYBE they can make the NIT in year 4. The NCAA tournament is a pipe dream in this league. 14 teams playing for 1 bid.

I hate myself for typing all of this but it’s all true. I can only hope that I am dead wrong and Sanchez performs a miracle, because otherwise we are 4-5 years away at best from being relevant again, and I struggle to believe we will have any fans left at that point. That’s how far we have fallen. S9er and everyone else making these same points is 100% right, and the realitization is painful. 2005 seems like 30 years ago…


you can look around the country and see how many programs go from crap to really good in a season or two. it happens all the time. agree on having a healthy competition and i cant say anything bad about davis. he is a starter on almost any team. even the announcers in hawaii were talking about how he might have been the best player in the tournament. i think we should all not make predictions or anticipate what we think will happen next season and beyond. basketball is too unpredictable.


I remember Mayfield’s stats at Georgia.


I remember adding Rodney White, Cam Stephens and Demon Brown to a .500 team the prior year and going into the 2nd Round of the NCAA’s the following year.

3 pieces that added shooting, depth and athleticism literally made a .500 team into a team that probably should have gone to at least the 3rd round of the NCAA…in a BRUTALLY TOUGH conference at the time btw.

The right pieces can make a difference. You can’t tell me that the pieces we’re adding can’t make a similar impact in a piss poor conference. And everyone that says you can’t predict next year is right…but the stars are lining up for the possibility of a big and quick turn around. Even if it doesn’t happen…everything is in place for it. That’s why I’m so optimistic.


i like this new trleader. i agree with this post. this is not football where landing one or two good players does not necessarily have a big impact. if these new guys can ball and the returning players improve, we can send waves off players at the opposing teams. our current guys have almost no rest.


I don’t understand complaining about a league that is terrible when we are part of the reason it is terrible.

Before we start fretting about winning games and not getting into NCAAs due to a one bid league, let’s go win some damn games and get out of the cellar.

I do think you can get two bids out of the league but scheduling is of utmost importance and your error of margin is small, but before we can get there we have to just compete here. We see with this class and with Major’s recruiting, we can land quality talent in the conference. We just gotta go win and take it from there.


I agree that we need to up our game and make C-USA better. Half the teams in the conference have recently gotten new coaches and are trying to turn it around.

Team - When the coach started

  • Charlotte - 2018
  • FIU - 2018
  • FAU - 2018
  • North Texas - 2017
  • Rice - 2017
  • USTA - 2016
  • WKU - 2016

I left off MTSU and UAB who also have new coaches, but they lost theirs to success, unlike the rest of us. I am sure not all seven of these teams will be better, but making changes is what we can all control.


clt says David Aldridge went to dematha


I’m really gonna miss the NN.N arguments about us sucking when things turn around.


People complained about sucking in 2005


I really miss the “Bobby can’t get us to the next level” complaints


Losing 40% of senior led scoring is a big deal when looking to the next year.

So the argument against being bad next year is based on new guys coming in I see. I haven’t seen these new guys play so if you all have and they are legit D1 athletes that can play well from the start, I can’t wait to see next year.