Colorado Buffaloes Game 12/25 @ Diamond Head Classic


The fact that you are trying to argue the point of depth proves that you are just arguing for the sake of arguing.

We have 7 total scholarship players on the team and 2 walk ons…where the walkons are playing in 70% of the games (Blight in 7 of 11 and Kitoko in 9 of 11).

Bringing in 7 new scholarship players (with some legit 3 star recruits to boot) that will take the total scholarship players from 7 to 14 is DOUBLE the scholarship players. I can promise every single one of them will be better than the 2 walk ons playing this year and if only half of them pan out as legit D1 contributors…we can still play 10 deep without 2 of them needing to be walk ons (Again…the 2 walk ons playing are NOT legit D1 contributors…they just have to play because there is no one else).

Improved depth is the one absolute certainty going into next year.

The fact that you argue that is enough to know that you just want to be unreasonable.


A D1 men’s team is allowed 13 scholarship players.


We have 8 scholarship players this year counting Robb and will be losing Davis and Haslem which drops us back down to 13 with the new freshman and players sitting out (Shepherd, Bertram, Vasic).

I agree that we will have more depth but I also agree that we are hoping that the Freshman coming in can contribute right away. Sure they are 3 star kids but they still have to show up and play. It helps to have Bertram and Shepherd with the team this season and eligible next season. I still stick to my point that I made earlier in the thread that kicked off this whole debate. We have to start to minimize the burden we have put on our incoming freshman since Major took over and build experienced teams with freshman filling gaps until there time to shine as upper classmen. Believe me I get just as excited about our incoming recruits as many of you but it’s hard to believe wait until next year when we have … when you’ve been hearing it for a decade.

Also, props to the staff and Bertram for sticking with their plan to redshirt this season. I’m sure it is tough seeing your team play 7 guys and not be tempted to play. It hurts us now but in the long run could provide huge dividends.


I think one recruit is enrolling in January so he will practice the rest of the year. I think it is the 6’ 11" guy


May still happen but not a guarantee at this point.


Speaking of Jackson, it might be time to consider his 247 ranking as being over ranked. Unless he has had an injury of some sort, he’s only played 6 minutes the entire season for Temple thus far.


Grass is not always greener.


clt says it is too wet