Complain to the A10 Commissioner

I am asking everyone to complain the the Commissioner. Her e-mail address is :
Here is my letter:


I just wanted to take a moment to flag some concerns regarding the extremely poor officiating in this game. It should never be the case where refs influence the game to such an extent that the player contributions are irrelevant. However, this is what I believe happened in today’s game. I have several distinct points to reference and hope you or someone from your staff will review the game so these refs never call another game in this conference. First, there is a huge disparity between the team fouls called in the game (with Charlotte called for 28 in the game and SB for 12), not too mention how the same touch fouls were not called both ways. Second, at the end of the one of the overtimes (the first I believe), Derrio Green was called for a double dribble that the replay clearly showed did not occur. The whistle blew late and only after it was evident Charlotte would score. Finally, at the end of the second OT, the ball on the SB in bounds never touch anyone with approximately 1.7 seconds left, but the refs said it did. Replay was available but the refs refused to look at the play and instead called time. Throughout the game the men in striped made inconsistent calls in the home teams advantage. By the end of the first OT, I felt Charlotte would have been justified to have just quit playing. Everyone watching, including the game announcers could tell the refs were biased. Time to earn your pay grade and ensure fairness in this league.

I am sending an e-mail, but everyone needs to understyand these officials are not specifically “A10” officials. They are more or less “Regional Officials” (less in this situation). The A10 can still have some say-so in who officiates games, so send the e-mails.

Right and they can stand up for us - do you think they will?

It looks like the “worst” official usually works MEAC games, and does not even officiate as much as some officials. I can see why.

I just want to add, if you complain, complain respectfully. Your heart is in this and you’re going to be pissed, but being disrespectful will get you no where.


St Bonaventure 42 free throws
Charlotte 9 free throws

Double dribble call that cost Charlotte the game.

Watch the tape. TV crew saw it. Radio crew saw it. Even non A10 fans on saw it.

Charlotte has no business in this conference if this type of in game conduct is acceptable.

Officials: Kevin O’Connell, Alvin Cox, Quintin Murphy

My email:

I am a Charlotte student, avid sports fan and former athlete. I never blame games on refs, it’s a hard profession. But the last 2 games for the Charlotte 49ers have been unbelievably biased against Charlotte. I can pull up video clips, and all kinds of stats to prove my point but I only need to use 2. In the game against Richmond the Spiders had 16 free throw attempts compared to only 4 for Charlotte. In the game against St. Bona today, St. Bona had 42 free throw attempts, compared to only 9 for Charlotte. As you know Charlotte lost to Richmond 71-59 and St. Bona 92-88. So if Charlotte had gotten the same amount of free throws in the Richmond game that the Spiders did that would have been a possible 12 points, and we lost by 12. If Charlotte had the same amount of free throws in the St. Bona game as the Bonnies that would have been a possible 33 points, we lost by 4. Clearly if the officiating had been fair, clear and well even decent the outcome of these games would have been much different. As I said I hate to blame refs for a game, its a hard profession, but these last 2 games the refs have been so bad words can not describe it. My request is something be done in the future to prevent such bias.
Greg Jones, UNC Charlotte student and A10 Basketball fan.

clt says to just send “42-9”

WTF are you doing here? The game is played on the floor not on this goddamn board. Don’t be a bunch of pussies.

If we EVER got calls like this in Halton against a conference opponent maybe I wouldn’t have called the refs out. We don’t though.


I am a Charlotte student and a high school basketball official in the state of North Carolina. I normally watch basketball mostly as an objective observer as I have been an official and can completely understand how difficult the job of one is. I’ve made plenty of bad calls in my time as an official and I can usually watch any sporting event and at least understand the thought process or the reasoning behind an official’s calls/decisions. Tonight, that was not possible. I’m sure the officials get constantly evaluated and that game tape is reviewed but I just wanted to take the time to make sure extra attention was paid to this game. I’m not going to sit here and call out certain instances of the rules because I know that either you or someone that reviews the tapes is quite aware of the rules of basketball. I also know that a foul count is not necessarily indicative of how a game’s played (IE if one team loses they’re probably apt to foul more…an even foul count basically shouldn’t happen…etc). However, I just ask that the game be reviewed, especially the second half and overtime periods.

Wanted to just add, tough to decide the outcome of a game on a dribbling violation for an official. But for an official to call it off of a steal, which is an interrupted dribble, is hard to justify even from another official’s perspective. When a dribble is interrupted (in this case slapped downward towards the floor from the SBU player), there is no player control. If there is no player control, there can be no dribbling violation. The ball is then gathered and dribbled for a game-winning layup that is disallowed for a dribbling violation.

Thanks for your time.

Shane Worrell

[font=arial][size=small][font=Verdana][/size][size=13px]Commissioner McGlade,[/size][/font][/size][size=small]
[font=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]I hope that things are going well, and I appreciate you reading my email. The following is an email I decided to write prior to the completion of tonights game, and I was going to express my opinion regardless of which team won.[/font]

[font=Verdana]Back when I was in high school one of my buddies told me something that I will never forget about the game of basketball, “refs don’t change the game, they just tick fans off.” It is really something that changed my mindset of watching basketball, particularly when your team is playing.[/font]

[font=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]As any fan of the game can tell you, they’ve seen bad calls, they’ve seen their team be on the short end and they’ve seen their team get away with one. They’ve seen games where they didn’t get a fair shake it seemed, or they really got some “homecooking”. In the end what happens on the court between the players is what wins or loses a game. Like my high school buddy said, the refs just tick the fans off.[/font]

[font=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Tonight’s game was so appalling I can’t follow that logic. The game between Charlotte and St. Bonaventure was the worst officiated game I have seen in my life. I’ve seen worse individual calls than some I saw tonight, but the body of work was astoundingly awful. The display I saw from the 3 officials tonight was nothing short of ineptitude.[/font]

[font=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]I would greatly appreciate if you would have your team closely review tonight’s contest and not restrain themselves on any action that could be done. For the sake of the game of basketball and the Atlantic10 we need to step up our quality of officiating. I know perfection can never be reached with officiating, but a show of complete deficiency in fairness should be addressed.[/font]

[font=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Have a great 2011 and thank you for your time.[/font]

I request a rematch against st.boner

I agree 100% with all of us sending emails to the league office, but more importantly the Charlotte AD needs to file an “official” complaint with the league about specific instances in this game (ie; the double dribble call, worst of many). I know there is a protocol for doing so. Obviously, it won’t effect the outcome of this game, but it could certainly influence future games and show the league is serious about fair/competent officiating. In 30+ years of watching college bball, I can honestly say this game was the most one-sided I have ever seen.

ah but there’s so much more CLT…you could write a book on this one my friend…

Dear Commissioner,

I believe that this game’s referees were very biased to the home team (St. Bonaventure). The officials made some very controversial calls late into the game that directly affected the results of the game. At the end of 2OT a late call was made on Derrio Green that was supposedly a double dribble, but looking at replays (which the referees refused during the game) it was seen that it was not a foul. Many other blatant fouls were called that should not have been made. The ratio of fouls between the home team and away team shows the discrepancies. Commissioner, I hope that you review the fouls from this game and provide consequences for the poor officiating.

Charlotte fan

[quote=“dorm72, post:9, topic:24738”]WTF are you doing here? The game is played on the floor not on this goddamn board. Don’t be a bunch of pussies.[/quote] Wow you’re a fool. And blind also. Oh right, you “didn’t see the game.”

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