Conference Realignment (Part 2)

If the PAC 2 get to keep the money, will be shocked if it doesn’t look a lot like this. Only thing stopping them is a TV deal, and I suspect ESPN or Fox will throw at least MWC+ money at them, which the retained PAC money can supplement.

I dunno about that exceed the AAC deal bullet point.

Yeah I must don’t see that conferences deal exceeding the AAC’s current deal, though i suspect the next AAC deal even without changes to make up will decline.

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Army will help outset some of the loses on the next deal. They are a big draw on TV for some reason.


Fair point, I forgot about their addition.

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Are they a big draw across the board or for the one game?

If the two Left States can’t secure at least $200m from the Pac 12 this is a great big nothing burger. Even with $500m this reborn Pac12 is still G5 and still less appealing the further you get from Corvallis. Who’s paying twice as much (AAC contract is $7.5 per school per year) for this TV market weak conference?

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According to that graph above they are a good draw all the time. Have heard them discussed as such too.

I understand NN’s pessimism on the AAC TV renewal, but between a mix of 1) adding Army 2) building up the new CUSA brands, and 3) years of deal inflation before our deal finally terminates, I don’t think it’ll go down at all. In fact, it may be a bit of a bargain by 2032, compared to the cost of other FBS leagues. If it were renewing this off-season I’d be more concerned.

If I were OSU and WSU I would keep the money and petition to join the MWC. I’m not sure the PAC-12 moniker is worth 500 million. If it is, it is only worth it over a very lengthy time frame. But we all know that the attorneys will take a huge chunk so there is that.

This is going to become a test run for an eventual merger.

The only question is how many of the MWC programs will be included.

Air Force
Boise State
Colorado State
Oregon State
San Diego State
Washington State

The above are locks.

Fresno State

The above are likely

New Mexico
Utah State

The above are possible additions

The below are most likely relegated to merging with the WAC:

Hawaii - no stadium currently. Nice location but expensive travel
San Jose State - absolutely butchered their stadium it’s hideous

My $02.

It’s not just the moniker, it’s the affiliation of the conference. We have yet to see a scenario where a P5 league becomes a G7 league (or a G6 becomes a P6, although Aresco is trying his damndest to make it happen). Until that time comes, the TuPAC is still considered a P5 league and that’s all that matters.

Now…if down the road the College Football Playoff Board determines they have the authority to change the PAC’s status, that changes everything.

If I have a Crown Royal bag and I take out all the dollar coins and quarters, but leave two dimes in it; then I add in some more dimes and nickels…AND YOU WATCHED ME DO THIS…does the Crown Royal label still make you think the contents of the bag are worth the same?

The OP said he thought they should drop PAC and join the MWC, they’re the same nickles and dimes.

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I know we are not ready but hope we end up okay.
The speed and momentum of this greed just keeps on gaining traction everyday.


That incoming R1 designation will help.

Any bad news for the ACC is good news for me. That Fire should be urinated on:)

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I just want to start winning wherever we play.