Cooper Robb - 2018 Guard - Charlotte commit

I saw a tweet that 6’2" Cooper Robb of Tennessee Bobcats has committed to Charlotte today. Can anyone confirm or know anything about this kid?

clt says he has a great name.

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6’2” 2018 Cooper RobbTennessee Bobcats (TN)[/size][/font][font=Helvetica Neue][/size][size=16px]Robb was spectacular throughout the game, in fact he finished with 14 assists to only 1 turnover. Robb has that ball on a string, with the ability to get wherever he wants on the floor and the vision to deliver on time. Robb showed the ability to score the ball with a smooth looking jump shot, but it is his ability to run a team that should have D1s salivating.[/size][/font]

clt says he is a 3 sport star at the largest school in his state.

clt projects tebow status.

Several videos of his AAU team on youtube. I think he is #10. I like what I saw of the few videos I watched. He is a good passed.

Love this commitment

Tweets by Justin Young of

¤ Interesting note: Mark Price's son, Josh, plays on the same Tennessee Bobcats team with Robb. Price saw a lot of his new commit.

¤ Robb knows how to play. He was OUTSTANDING at the #BOTS. Can shoot. Playmaker. 3 sport stud. Great pickup for Mark Price & Co.

¤ UNC Charlotte snagged a significant July sleeper today in Cooper Robb. The KY CG committed after today’s visit.

Link: Twitter - @JustinDYoung

in the tapes i watched, he looks like he’s half asleep. (a real “sleeper”?) obviously he’s not b/c he clearly sees the floor and hits open guys. but definitely not a banger.

Confirmed he committed today. Has played extremely well lately for the TN Bobcats.

really starting to like the commit. he is playing big against big time competition. i imagine other schools continue to offer him.

Signs this fall, right?

[quote=“4ever niner, post:11, topic:31016”]Signs this fall, right?[/quote]Correct, November is the early signing period.

Looks to be a good pickup! We need a replacement for JD. This may be his last year if he has another good season!
Plaining for the future

Cooper took his official here this weekend, seems to have had a great time. NLP and I saw him at the MBB tailgate, he’s a legit 6’2+ kid.

Speaking of the future looking bright…

Impressive looking player. Size, athletic, can shoot, keeps the ball on a string. Looks like a steal.

ninerJ, I merged your post on Robb into his recruiting thread. Let’s keep it all here until he’s on the team.

Has been playing great lately against top 25 nationally ranked high school competition.

Makes me a prime decommittment candidate when new hire is made, unfortunately.