Cory Tilton is Finalist for Lowes Senior Class Award

Congrats to Cory Tilton for being named 1 of 10 finalist for the Lowes Senior Class Award.

[size=4]Vote here!!![/size]

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Looks like we can come back and vote everyday. Come one Niner Nation, let’s help Cory win this.


Up to 19% and 2nd place now. It was only 2% when the thread was started. I think 49% will win it.


I hope all of you vote for Cory but I encourage you to read why he was nominated on his profile.

It’s good to see athletes like Cory and Darius Law care about their university as well as the community around it.

VOTE EVERY DAY! People like C.T. are why I bleed green.

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Down to 13.1% and 4th place now.

Re-stemmed. Down to 12.7%. Must be all the good fans are busy doing whatever it is that good fans do.

Vote today!

If you use google incontodo you can vote every time you come back to the sight.


That makes everyday that I’ve voted, but still down to 12%- Come on people!

Nice story on Tilton. He had 3 hits today including a homer in our 5-4 victory.

Up 15.6%, but still need a little help from Niner Nation.

Stemmed again. ; . . . . . .will let you STEM 'til you drop. ;D