Covid Vaccine Poll

Are you getting the covid vaccine?
  • Yes, I already have
  • Yes, I plan to in the future
  • No, I do not plan on getting
  • I’m undecided at the moment

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I just booked a dinner reservation in a restaurant (4/28, our anniversary) for the first time in more than a year, because we will be fully vaccinated before then. I can’t imagine not getting the shot(s).


I wasn’t excited about getting it, but I got it. I hadn’t stayed in the house the last 10-12 months, my wife and I had been out and about basically like normal - just more observant of crowd sizes and with masks on, but if we need a certain % of the population to be vaccinated to get things up and rolling again so be it.

For the record I am pretty sure I was either asymptomatic or I am immune. My wife had it back in January, I never got it. She basically just had a bad headache for about 10 days. I know everyone’s experience is different with this thing, but for her it wouldnt registered on her top 10 of worst colds.

I just spent weeks in ICU with this crap after never being sick…
Get the shot !


Man, glad you’re okay.

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NinerJ, glad you are out of ICU. you back to normal now? Mind me asking your age and if any underlying issues you may have had?

Pneumonia still with me and causing issues after 6 weeks.
I’m 63 and had no other issues. Came outta no where.

My wife and I just booked a reservation as well.


I get my second shot on Thursday. Had a friend who lost her husband at 58 this week from covid. He did have some underlying conditions, but he spend 2 months in ICU before he passed. I figure if a shot will help stop this illness so we can get back to normal I will do my part


Received the last shot this past Wednesday. No side effects other than a slightly sore arm. The wife is delaying as she doesn’t trust what may be the side effects.

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After my first Moderna shot my arm was sore for a day. I got the shot around 2:15, and by 7:00 I was really sleepy and wanted to go to bed, but I toughed it out until 10:00. As side effects go, this was no big deal. I hope shot 2 goes as well.


Same for me. Shot two this Friday. Hoping no major side effects. Glad it’s on Friday so if I feel like shit the next day I’ll just be able to sleep it off and not miss work

Got my second Moderna Friday at noon. Saturday morning woke up feeling like a had the flu, lasted till dinner, woke up Sunday feeling fine… different for everyone I guess.

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Given how different Covid is for everyone from nothing to death it makes sense that the vaccines would be t he same. Just such a weird virus.

Got both Pfizer shots a few weeks back, felt run down the next day (and sore shoulder), but no other side effects.

I’m hoping that now that more people who aren’t elderly are starting to get shots, we’ll start seeing drops in infection rates to go along with the already significant drops in mortality. Need to get younger people who are more likely to socialize vaccinated now.

Infection rates ticking up aren’t the thing to watch I don’t think - its the hospitalizations that really matter and those are still going down. Folks getting sick, but mostly younger and healthier in nature meaning that sickness is more mild and not requiring medical care is the key. Vaccinations are going widespread and thats great but we are going to have cases tick up no matter when we open up because we have a subset that just isn’t going to go get vaccinated.

Is there data around this?

Wow! you haven’t been to dinner in a year? We go out to dinner at least twice a week since last summer. I take it you have a major preexisting?