Current state of Charlotte vs APP "rivalry"

My daughter is a graduate from App. (yeah I know - but she redeems herself a little… and my other daughter graduated from Charlotte ((son from Wilmington))

Anyway - she is a graduate from App and now is at Grad school at Charlotte in the Athletic Trainer program. She just learned she is working with Football this fall.

So yesterday she comes homes after classes and working a PT job on campus (in Halton) and she is wearing a ragged old App T-shirt.

Me “You wore THAT to work??”
Her “No - I went to the gym afterwards.”
Me “You wore THAT shirt on Charlotte campus AND in a Charlotte student gym?”
Her “Yeah it is a good workout shirt.”
Me “You CANNOT wear an App shirt on Campus.”
Her “Why not? I graduated from App.”
Me “Ok, but they are our oldest and most hated rival!”
Her “What rival? They don’t think anything about Charlotte. Charlotte sucks.”
Me “Ok maybe not in Football - but in basketball”
Her “Charlotte has not had a good team in 15 years.” (ouch)
Me (struggling now) “Ok… but real Charlotte athletics fans know… and you will be with those fans in the gym.”
Her laughing knowing I lost the battle.

I have my work cut out for me…

Sorry, but your daughter shouldn’t be working in Charlotte athletics at all…i recommend she tell Biff that Charlotte sucks…and App sure as hell thinks about Charlotte more than we think about them…btw, i dont think of App as our oldest or greatest rivalry.


This artificial rivalry holds no interest to me. They have, so far, dominated us in football, and we have more wins in men’s basketball and baseball. If you took any individual sport we’ve played them in you would be hard pressed to say this is a rivalry. Local media created rivalry does not exist.

We NEED to make ECU our rival/end.

App and CLT are in parallel worlds. I watch scoreboards and such but I don’t have motivation or care to engage in rival talk. Our attn is toward ECU. As soon as the Niners get a football win vs. the Pirates then it gets real.

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clt asks who do you prefer to beat? any sport

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I always find it funny when people search for reasons to dismiss any type of rivalry with App St.
Different conferences, smaller budgets…or too dominant W/L discrepancy, et al.

The only factors that really affect a rivalry is proximity and hatred. And it’s really the hatred…the proximity typically just amplifies the hatred.

For example…in MBB we have played Cincinnati 23 times and are 8-15. We lose twice as often as we win…and that was a rivalry (yes…it was)?!?

Or…we have played USF 54 times (one of the top teams in total games played) and are 25-29…but that’s NOT a rivalry!?

Number of games and win/loss % doesn’t have anything to do with a rivalry. It’s mostly HATRED between the teams. Cincy and us HATED each other…therefore rivalry. Us and USF…no one gives a sh!t. Despite numerically…USF should be the rivalry between the two.

Like it or not…when it comes to us and App…the hatred is real…the rivalry is real.


I couldn’t care less about anything UNC boone

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A lot of people here say that…and a lot at App say that about UNC Concord…and in your case it may be true…but my guess is that there’s more posts/threads/comments on this board about App than any other school excluding our own…and it’s not particularly close. My guess would be the same on their board.

There’s an awful lot of discussion/bashing/degrading between these schools on their own boards for a couple of schools that don’t care about each other.

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Here’s a fun Appy story:

After their season ended, their baseball Twitter account posted a tweet bragging that the senior class had won FIVE conference tournament games combined in the last 3 years. :joy:

The Niners won 5 tournament games that week. Silly Appies.

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You must be young…i despised USF for many years, but when you then go 20 years without playing them in virtually anything,of course it cools the rivalry.

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Historically, App has pumped all their money into football at the expense of other sports. Imagine what Charlotte could do if they put all their money in football.

If young is graduating in 94…then ok.

I was around for Sunbelt to Metro to CUSA 1.0…we played them a lot and no one cared…or still cares about USF.

If you polled everyone for our Top 10 rivals…they don’t crack the Top 10.

App is absolutely a rival. As is ECU.

The reasons are too numerous to list out.

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Speak for yourself. USF and UAB were clearly our biggest rivals for the better part of 2 decades. A lot of us “cared”.


My idea of a rivalry has moved on to the American, athletic conference and ECU. I don’t care if we ever play App again

clt agrees. appy had to cut sports and is on the decline in their only decent sport.

eCu, the college fb playoff and the AAC are our focus now.

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Good for you…but that’s not the concensus by far. Like or not…they are arguably the most hated rival we have…that hates us back just as much.

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We are about to fly past them in football, while they sink back into irrelevance. Theyre not a rival. Biff is aiming higher


Flawless meme-ing. :trophy:

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